Liu Qiao quickly explained,“The recipient is Mr. Yu。Isn’t Mr. Yu not in the company?,The front desk notified Mr. Yu’s secretariat。And during routine inspections,Find,There is a child in the package.Live。The front desk has called the police,You see.”

“.”Baby Ou is a little dumbfounded,What plot is this,Is not,Wait for me to slow down,“child,Live?Was sent as a package,The recipient is my brother?”
The focus is very good。Liu Qiao nodded,“The manager at the reception desk is handling this,The doctor is also examining the child。But you may need Mr. Yu to come back。”Mr. Yu went to the subsidiary for a meeting,Coming back now,At least an hour。The police will be here soon,Then,Mr. Yu is not here,As a family member of President Yu,may,The boss is coming,but,“It doesn’t actually require you to show up。”
Xie’s family troubles all online now,If there is any news from Daou,The situation is not well controlled。
Baby Ou waved his hand,“The child was sent as a package,This is obviously suspected of blasphemy。Since I am in the company,Not good enough。”but,Why the recipient is brother,“Did you call my brother??”
“beated。President Yu already knows,Should go back now。Would you like,I want to talk to Mr. Yu?”
Baby Ou nodded,Make Liu Qiao want to stare down,She called Yuze。
Baby Yuze is still dumbfounded,“Boy and girl?”
Baby Ou really didn’t ask,“Boys and girls are not important,The point is,How could someone give you a baby。Is it planting you to abduct people??There seems to be such a plot in the film and television drama!!”
“.”You brain hole,It’s so funny,Yuze is speechless,“If you plant me abducting people,How could you send your child to the company so blatantly?。”
What is that。Bao Bao Ou sent a message to Liu Qiao by the way,Let him send a video,She wants to see the child。
Liu Qiao sent a video soon,Ou Baobao and Yuze connected to the video again,Then I saw a pink and tender,Little girl with two braids,Wearing a bear jumpsuit,Sit there obediently,Holding milk to drink。Looks like four or five years old,Even now, every family raises children very carefully,But this child is not something that can be raised in ordinary families。
Baby Ou carefully looked at the little girl’s meaty face,This one,She remembers when she was young,Looks like a brother with a fat baby,With this kid,Really a bit like.
“Isn’t this your sister who lives outside??”Baby Ou has another brain hole。Isn’t it popular Moebao now?,Variety shows,Are all three, four or five years old,Cute,Lovely,Very popular。Why else is Ai Xiaojin trying to take Ai Youyou to the show?。
In this age when everyone can be a star,There are so many cute treasures,More famous,But I really got a reputation for getting out of the circle,Top-notch,Just a few。Resources are limited after all,Time waits for no one。The last time she appeared on the scene, she was cute and adorable,I was disabled after the last appearance。
Chapter six hundred and ninety four Character
This is what I fear most about being a child star。It looks good,Can maintain professionalism,Really rare。
Child star filter is easy to use,But there will be a lot of drawbacks。