So after seeing the summer wind and light clouds,They are http://www.schongji.cnvery curious。

“This Chinese doctor is too proud.。”
A female expert said in English to someonends.,“I hate his self-righteousness.。”
Next to a bald foreigner,After hearing,I have a little bit,“Mike should win。”
“I think so too.。”
Female experts attached,Rotary down low sound,“Mr. Hall,You said that the Chinese experts will tell the symptoms of these people in advance.……”
The old man named Hall shook his head,Don’t think too much at a point,“The two probes are only temporary,Rest assured, Miss Dunken,There is no conspiracy。”
More than they are talking about,The remaining Chinese and foreign experts are also whispered。
At the same time, I don’t turn my eyes to look at the shape of the summer.。
Just as many people guess。
After the summer, everyone will watch it again.,Did not http://www.ruitongdai.cn make a choice immediately。
See him,Mike,Use very pure Huaxia language,“You can recover,I can also give up the four people for you to choose……If you regret it。”
“No need。”
Summer shink,Faint,“I am not ready to choose.。”
Fall into the voice,Everyone in the field reveals shock and differences.。
“Old grandchildren,What does Xiaoxia mean?……”http://www.bjmusicvalley.cn
Tian Guan saw a summer shortage,But did not see him diagnosis,Some at this moment is not allowed。
“Rest assured。”
Sun Youde smiled。
To say who is the most confident in the summer,It is a grandchildren。
And not to say that he has seen the magical acupuncture in summer several times.,I still think about the teacher.,Later, two people chatted in his office.。
Not exaggerated,Summer insights in Chinese medicine,Sun Youde is not as good as。
Summer next sentence suddenly let everyone stay。
“This ten people,I have chosen。”
Welcome a horrified gaze,His look is light,Say,“If there is a diagnosis error,Calculate me to lose。”
Sound is not high,Even very light。
But in the ear of everyone, but the raft。
Be too mad。