“fine,It is no one to pick up the phone.,family,And my heart is not。”Lin Feng frowned:“You also know the people we practice,What is bad in a certain realm,Here。”

“Lin Feng,Don’t scare yourself。”Night cold comfort:“Maybe they are busy?。”
“Um!”Lin Feng nodded slightly:“Two tigers,Boost,hurry up。”
“it is good,I accelerate!”Two Tiger Road。
Black Lincoln speed is getting faster,Almost less than a few minutes have come to the streets of Brown Mountain County.。
Lin Feng’s mobile phone ringing is suddenly sounded,He looked down,It’s my own little sister Lin Yu.,Lin Feng hurriedly turned on the phone,The cry of Lin Yu came from the phone:“elder brother,Where are you?”
“Light rain,What is going on?”Lin Feng hurriedly。
“Dad is accidental,Four brothers have also erotic……”Lin Yu’s cry:“The people http://www.szusootltbrxis.cn of the County Forestry Bureau are not people。”
“Forestry,Two tigers,Go to the County Forestry Bureau。”Lin Feng heard the voice。
第113章 怒火冲天
“Need not了,哥,我quick到了。”林雨道。
Several staff members around,It is Ji Secretary and a few hands.。
“Don’t forget to pay fines!”Ji secretary pointed to Lin mother:“Do you understand?”
Lin mother did not speak,Her eyes seem to be desperate,Her face is pale,She tears horizontal flow,Pull the body of Linfang。
“mom,dad!”A shouting voice came http://www.xinhaimc.cn from the distance。
Black Lincoln Car Door Open,Lin Feng’s figure rushed out from the inside,At this moment, Lin Feng’s figure is like a fan.,Number distance is now,Lin Feng tears,He sees this scene,Heart is broken。
Bleeding,As with the same knife。
“Roar!”A grief and anger sound from Lin Feng’s mouth。
He is sad,The whistling shook the whole court,Even above the street。
The shakes of Ji Jing and others trembled.。
Lin Feng’s figure came to Linmu and Linfang’s side.。
“Maple!”Lin mother saw his three sons back,Her tears flow is even more powerful。
Like a person in desperation,Suddenly grabbed a straw。
“mom,Son is not filial!”Lin Feng tears flows,Straight place。
“Maple,快,Send your father to the hospital,He breathed almost,Heart attack。”Lin female shakes the sound。
“不用!”Lin Feng one hand on his father’s heart。
“Master!”Lin Feng’s heart shouted,In fact, Lin Feng also has power to treat。
But he is worried,He is afraid of failure,He can’t gall,Where is the failure of one thousand。
“fine,There is still a breath!”The sound of the big red robe glamorous girls sounded in the mind of Lin Feng。
Lin Feng’s hand has a touch of light,This ray flows into the hearts of Lin Father.,Moisturizing Lin father’s injury。