He roared,Turn around。 Qin Ning didn’t take care of him at this moment.。 Lu Haokai has just turned,Qin Ning’s mobile phone rang。 Lu Haoke after the door,No left,Side ear listening。 “Hey!Ah,How is your hand??” “Oh!Ah,Unable to mind,Be sure to check,Can’t give a little flash,Xiao Kai already knows what is what we did.,Just ran in question, […]

When Xia Jian returned to the company,It’s almost five o’clock。When Guan Tingna saw Xia Jian,Happily said:“GZWhere did Mr. Zhang’s offer come out?,The project cost is much lower than we thought。Of course,All their raw materials are imported from the south”

“I was about to tell you this,Mr. Hu came to me today to talk about it”Xia Jian said,So he entered his office。 Guan Tingna quickly followed in,She asked hurriedly:“What did she say?” “Exactly the same as our original plan,Two hands ready。Initiate http://www.ffgdkj.cn bidding in person,The second is to subcontract from Hu Huiru。As for the details, […]

GarioESkills,Then arrive in the front battlefield,Sitting the pig。

hisWTaunt,I have had to pay out in the case of just now.。 so,After the pig girl flew,He also does not have any means that can continue to control。 Next moment,IGMass,Command ideas are very clear。 run! Almost in this moment, in this direction in the team,IGThe front three people have made practical moves directly.。 but……WEEveryone,How could […]

Hearted World Assistance,Three-step threshold level。

And to《Heart formation》Third level,Three forces in one,Absolutely has the strength comparable to the normal three-footed road monarch。 The gap between this golden beast and him,Neither is absolutely crushed,But absolutely above me。 in this way,Just have enough pressure! “Huh”The golden beast body turned into a stream of light,The speed is absolutely above five times the limit。 […]

Nanming nine less,Nanming is unbeaten,‘Negative’Not,The four strong people in Wu Zi Tian have lost‘color’,Because Lin Feng’s breath actually disappeared,It seems that it doesn’t belong to this world.。

But when you look at Lin Feng,But I found Lin Feng still standing there.。 “Proud!”Lin Feng looked at the red‘color’Dragon avatar:“From now on, there is no longer,Only the robust man!” Pride robbery is the name of this half-step god。 “Yes,Owner!”Red‘color’Dragon respects,He looked at Lin Feng’s palm of her hand again shocked.。 “Congratulations,Congratulations!” Nanming nine less,Greedy,‘Negative’Not,Wu […]

And your little sister is bad personality,But the power should be very strong.,I don’t need me to protect at all.。”

Siyu I think of a small piece of torch,Know yourself tracking her,Then be poisoned by their tongue,Suddenly a face。 His Qi Yu is also a dignified person,How can I be smashed by a small child??Unless the night plus money! “This time I mainly entrusted you.,It is to protect the dragon roll sister,I know you want […]

Fortunately, Qi Kang and Chen Xuewen,Did not come,But looking for a place with many girls,Sat down。

Outside the bar,Lin Dong got out of the car,I looked up at the Youth Music Bar,Start calling。 ———— 030chapter:Unexpected scene The second floor staircase of the Youth Music Bar,Fang Runde walked down。 He is only 38 years old this year,Has started to get blessed,Very rich。 Pass by Cao Junhui near them,Go to the bar door。 […]

In addition to the words of the two,The other bench members and the Shrek Seven Monsters are dimmed……

Especially Ning Rongrong,He clenched his palms with an ugly expression,The delicate skin is a bit torn by nails“Xu Sheng……” Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu looked at each other,Slowly put his palm on Ning Rongrong’s shoulder and patted…… The latter trembled,Then he forced a smile back…… That day,What a majestic scene is still in their impression…… […]

Chapter 73 Struggle

“then,The two sides fought。 only,at the very beginning,Is the better one on our side。 but,Just when we thought we won,A man among the opponents who hadn’t done anything suddenly shot,then,Us people,I don’t even know how the other party did it,Was kicked out ten meters away。” How to make a move,Can’t see,And for the veterans。 Is […]