Just like two ordinary people,Everyone is holding the sword。

Not beautiful。 Not even gorgeous。 However,Only two people know,How thrilled this moment。 This seems simple fight,In fact, dangerous,Your own move,strength,The use of qi has reached a horrible height。 They will lock all three on the other side.,Never put on strength to leak half a http://www.jgyynk.cn minute。 Compared to summer,Tianya is shocked。 Although there is a […]

Even he heard that there is an industry in the Magical Li Hui http://www.owanbao.cn Rong.,As for true, he doesn’t know.。

However, after Li Hui’s words,He feels less than a good value.。 “Hey-hey,rest assured,I guarantee that I don’t have problems.,After all, my son is this professionals in this area.。” Should be self-reliant, I want to talk about it.,As a result, when Li Hui’s pair of deep scorpions were some, I didn’t know what to say.。 “dad,I […]

Duan Fengtian’s mouth rises,Look at the http://www.jiao120.cn distant sky,A force familiar to him is quickly approaching。

“Why do I feel a little tight in my chest?” The people underneath already have painful expressions on their faces,A very uncomfortable feeling appeared around the hall。 “Duan Fengtian,I Ye Fuming,coming!” A voice http://www.yxage.cn appeared,Everyone’s eyes turned to the sky,The ten-color light wing behind Fuming,Extremely tyrannical. ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Six:sacrifice,resurrection。 “it has […]

“I want to participate in the wine.,But,I have the rule of entry here.,But people who come here,Follow the rules,No one exception。You are the same。”1t

Toned,His mouth is pulling out a touch of coolness,Immediate cold,“Cold surface!Come over!”1t First1333Chapter Chait Voice is just。 I saw a person who walked away from Mu Tian.。 This is a well-long youth.,Slightly thin,But a pair of eyes but bright。 At the time of him,Every step is nearly completely consistent,And the whole person is physically picker,As […]

In fact, Shen Xuan is now,But it feels。

Current this,Instead, it is a very meaningful feeling.。 slowly,Just like this。 The more like this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like。 What yourself,Shen Xuan is very light。 “all in all,Now, since I have already set my mind to continue,So http://www.monigaoerfu.cn next,Let’s everyone,But you can play well.!” When Shen Xuan said,At this time, Lei Tianming came to […]

There is no suspense early on,Both sides let the main players rest in the last quarter。Thunder finally lost the momentum of the first three quarters,The hit rate starts to drop,Not active enough,And the Warriors’ bench players cannot do miracles,Can only narrow the gap slightly。

In this game, Duraire did show his style,Three quarters of the playoffs33Minute,This data is already very scary。 I didn’t see Xu Xuan playing full48minute,only30+Is it,60It’s also a rare time。 Thunder this win,The Cavaliers’ odds of winning are even lower。 no way,The Warriors lost these two games,Can only explain one point,They are unstable,They are not as […]

“Dare to move our boss?court death!”

The remaining three tattooed men yelled upon seeing this,Immediately rushed towards Yang Xu。 Yang Xu opened the car door unhurriedly,Kicked head-on,Then he grabbed the tattooed man who fisted,Pull his arm,At the same time kick his knee,Just hear a scream,The man’s kneecap was kicked and shattered。 The remaining tattooed man was terrified by Yang Xu’s terrifying […]

“Zheng Lao,Didn’t you start treatment now??”Liang Luo saw that Zheng Cheng didn’t mean to see a doctor,Can’t help but wonder。

“Ha ha,If you look now,I’m afraid I can’t see anything。”Zheng Cheng smiled helplessly,“I’ve seen a doctor before,All features are normal after inspection,No problem diagnosed,Only when i have a headache,To see the disease。” “Oh,So strange?”Liang Luo has some doubts,Then walked to Zheng Cheng’s side,To indicate if he can get his pulse。 Zheng Cheng didn’t refuse either,Show […]

Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Sighed lightly,I can’t help but wonder if I’m wrong,If it’s a burglary,Won’t be so neat,And the most valuable thing in the house is the TV,Did not move out……wrong!

Mo Xiaosheng was startled suddenly,Suddenly remembered something,Ran back to the house crazy,Lie down suddenly,He pulled out a long wooden box hidden under the bed。 Pure Jun Sword! This is the most precious thing in his house! Mo Xiaosheng’s heart beating,See the lock on the box is intact,Secretly pray that the sword must lie well in […]