“Go back,Hurry,With a small star。”Chen Monjacker waved waving:“Besides,If this is the resolution,You have to take a small star to see Xiaoqing’s parents.,remember!”

“I see。”Chen Bingling turned and got out of the house。 Linjiazhuang,Western side,Small bamboo forest,Lin Feng and night cold figure walk in the woods。 “Night cold,thank you!”Lin Feng looked at the night cold figure laughing:“My grandmother today,Parents are very happy。” “You’re welcome,This is the transaction between us.。”The night is cold and the cold looks far away:“This […]

Middle-aged people quickly pick up the storage ring,Amens,And rapid calculation,After a dozen,He put the storage quit。

Then after the hands,Unloculture,Holding the fire in the hands,Hand over summer。 “Bro,It’s really cool.,It is yours.。 You will pay it with my mind.,Refining after going back。” Summer is http://www.dplus3c.cn prompting to sacrifice,At the same time, both hands took the fire。 His palm,This group of flame bear burn,But did not hurt the skin。 Middle-aged people are […]

Everyone in the field is stunned。

Next second。 One is concentrated in Ningyuan。 Several secrets have been secretly exposed to the http://www.0730cn.cn family representative of Ningyuan,Faces have become more complicated。 Eye gods also become shocking。 Not afraid of Ning Yuan。 Instead, I am afraid that the summer is standing.。 Beijing has six super luxurymen。 But two of them,White family and ancient […]

This shows that Warner Bros. still has a good estimate of the interests of peripheral derivatives.。

Shen Huan doesn’t know the details《clown》What are the peripheral interests of,But definitely better than1Billion to high。 Therefore, Shen Huan promised5000Ten thousand dollars in cash payment。 This money will also be divided into3To pay,The first time the contract is signed1000Ten thousand,After filming2000Ten thousand,Before the official release2000Ten thousand dollars paid off。 have to say,The Americans really achieved […]

Heard from the housekeeper,Lin Yu responded。

“Ok,Young master。” Butler finished,Also left。 “Dad has something to do with you,You go find him first。” Lu Yingying looks at Lin Yu,Open road。 “Nothing,Go at night,Anyway, it’s not something to worry about。” “If it’s something urgent,He will call me。” Lin Yu heard what Lu Yingying said,Smile,Lightly。 “Ok!” See Lin Yu said so,Lu Yingying,Naturally it’s hard […]

Cui Zhong:“……”

Live audience:“……” Viewers watching live online:“……” What happened? Did we hear it wrong?? Admit it so cleanly? It’s not a joke or joint hype? “The matter between you and Cai Huihan,is that true?”Shen Huan asked again without stopping。 “What really,all fake!That is, the company let us go to the hot spots,Cai Huihan is simpler,I talked […]