“Hello everyone,I’m Ava, the narrator。”

“WSTGOnline Grand Prix as the highest hall of non-professional shooting games,Gathered the passerby king players from all servers of the Glory Gun Project around the world,Some of them are well-known platform anchors,Some are extremely talented thoroughbred dark horses,Compete in the arena,It can be said to be very interesting!” “Single lose in this gameBO1Competition system,One game,Never […]

Especially in the past, the deep sea incident,The eyewitness present at the time is a lot,Many people see“Deep sea king”The miserable end。

Night hero name“tyrannical”Also coming,And I came out together,Also have night“Popkist mad”Name。 I tried such a sister with your brother.,Who dares to provoke the snow。 But he didn’t know.,The dragon is coming“Professional hero”Quite disdain,Naturally, I will not understand the hero.。 Now he is blowing with the snow,It is the reason why the other party is a […]

Han Yuxuan listened to this,Looking at the younger brother,The face is sinking.,The sound is also very sinking:“Don’t write work?”

Han Yu laughed:“Today Friday,Tomorrow Saturday,Don’t go to school。” Han Yuxuan:“”He gets up,Pull up Lan Qiqi,“Kiki,I take you to my room to see。” “Brother,How can you like this??” Han Yu is http://www.chuandangou.cn unhappy to look at my mother,“Mom,You hurry tube brother,I just said that the nephew is beautiful.,I didn’t say anything else.。” “Brother doesn’t give it […]

“A bit。”

“In fact, there is nothing.。” Liuhe Mountain Patient Interpretation,“At the beginning, although I was the deputy door of the Guardian Alliance.,It is also the shadow of Junlun.。 I will replace him to do some people who have some people.……Know why he is so urgent to kill me?,Because I know many of his secrets。” Summer is […]

Just fighting here while,Shen Xuan is slightly shrugging。

“very good,But from now on,In fact, you,Nothing I imagined。” “Give me a lesson of them,Then others,follow me。” Shen Xuan said,With the warriors of the War Temple,I have went upstairs。 at this time,Board of Directors in Qiu Wind Building。 Wang Zhaoyang sits here,He looks very urgent。 Wang Zhaoyang’s side,Others think so too.。 After all, what is […]

Yu Shi looked up leisurely,Collided with his fiery eyes。She sticks to him too tightly,Can feel his violent heartbeat,As hers。

“Lao Cui,You are nice,Good in every way。But we have known http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn each other for so many years,I never thought about that。”Yu Shi looked towards the door subconsciously。She is a little worried,I’m afraid my mother will come back this time。 Cui Ronghao obviously didn’t let her go。 “People are nice?”Cui Ronghao puts her hands around her,Head […]

“Wei will,carefully!”

Wang Xiong fell to this time,Wei Xiaofei, a unmanned air, shouted a sentence,I didn’t expect to come to a stream.,He can’t guard against,Just raised your hand to dial out the flock。 I didn’t expect this arrow.,Straight-top door,Abnormal sinister! “puff!” The sound of the arrow into the meat,Let the pro soldiers around Wang Xiong all shocked。 […]

“beep!”The whistle sounded at the end of the first period,The audience and the players realized that the time was over。

bull26:25Lakers! Never fall! The second half of the first quarter!Kobe and Jordan’s confrontation did not fail! Kobe first quarter9in6Take down15Minute2Backboard3Assist1Steal1Cap2Mistake! Jordan’s first festival8in6Take down14Minute4Backboard0Assist2Steal0Mistake! no doubt,The performance of the two people is equal。 Kobe gasped,Takeover,He feels that his energy consumption has exceeded the normal half of the game。 Jordan gobbles up Gatorade,He is also a […]

Gu Mu said nothing,Looking at it all with a smile,But secretly took the phone and took a photo of this couple of dogs and men together,And then sent it to Guo Miaomiao:

“Miao Miao,Look at your man,Tired of being with a woman,Any thoughts?” after awhile,Guo Miaomiao came back: “Wow,That lady is so pretty,Her legs are so long,If it grows on me,That’s so good。” Gu Mu:“Did you get the point wrong?Shouldn’t the point be that your man gets tired of being with other women??” ———— Chapter Three Seven […]

He shot!

The shot speed is not very fast,But the rhythm is amazing。 But at this moment—— Xu Xuan suddenly turned around. Turning around unexpectedly, the beard froze in place,A stagger almost didn’t fall. “Haha,James dangled himself by fake action!” Barkley quickly explained。 Kenny beside·Smith covered his mouth:“It’s enough,Charles,What we should explain cannot be biased!” but. “Xu […]