“All right,Next, you guys have a rest,I’ll make Master Uncle’s fast food first,And then make our lunch。”

Qin Liang took the initiative to cook,In fact, he only needs to cook Daochang Bai’s rice.,The other people’s meals will be cooked by two aunts,And Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan will also help。 After everything is sent to the kitchen,Qin Liang started to work,Shen Ruoxi and the others retreated,Back to the living room。 “master,We just […]

“Xiaoxia,You are a standard Ducheng native。I also thought about this problem,Or next time I give them information,By the way, give them a record,In this case, whoever makes this news will have a bottom。”

“good idea,Why didn’t you say it earlier?”Xia Jihan is happy。 “Hi,I am also inspired by what you said just now,Sister Xia throws bricks well。” By contrast,Xiaodan is more mature than her。After all, I have worked in this unit for several years,The situation is more familiar than her。This is why Xia Jihan never speaks easily after […]

Du Xiaoyan asked with a smile。

“Yep,Full,Now I can stop eating for several days。” The little girl replied quietly。 Du Xiaoyan’s heart suddenly twitched!Tears almost fell directly!She can imagine,Such a small child,In such a cold winter,If no one helps,She basically can’t find any food to fill her hunger。 “Where is your home?Are you lost and can’t find home?” Du Xiaoyan asked […]

“see you tomorrow。”

Peng Changyi just put down Shu Qing’s call,Jiang Fan called,It seems,This call has been held for a long time。 really,Jiang Fan said:“Changyi,Busy for so long?” Peng Changyi said embarrassedly:“Ha ha ha,Sorry,Let the man wait for a long time。” Jiang Fan said:“Things will change tomorrow,Xiaoding can’t go,She has arranged。” This seems to be expected by Peng […]

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———— Chapter One Thousand and Two You really want to fight me ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! You really want to fight me Qin Liang said casually。 “That’s also……What you are talking about。” Murong Shan nodded and agreed with Qin Liang’s statement。 “correct,Shan […]

After Ding Yi finished reading,Took a breath,Said:“Sister Yue,Congratulations,You have the material again。”

Yue Sufen took the letter,After reading,Said:“I wrote you a letter,I can’t grab your business。” Ding Yi smiled,Said:“I wrote this letter after listening to the traffic channel program。” Just this question,Yue Sufen stopped arguing with her,Said:“Do you have any idea?” Ding Yi said:“The feature film about the orphanage was first broadcast to the present,It’s been more […]

“Du Shanshan,These girls at home,I’ll leave it to you,Protect them。”

Qin Liang specially reminded Du Shanshan,Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan,Xiaoyu and Murong Xiaoyao,Stay in the hotel,So naturally, Du Shanshan who was pregnant was responsible for the protection,Although she has a big belly,impractical to move,But it’s okay to stay in the hotel to protect the four girls。 Murong Xiaoyao pouted her mouth unhappily,She is also Qin Liang’s official […]

“Ha ha,There is no difference between you now and idle,Your task now,Is a waste of time and talent,Someone should replace you,So as to free you up to do what you should do。”

Qin Liang already has something to say。 Tasks are only prioritized,Where is there something to do or not to do?!As the boss of the dragon soul,What Qin Liang said is inappropriate,But he also had other plans,That’s why I said that on purpose。 “Master, I don’t like to hear what you say!What do you mean?!According to […]

“One is fine。”

Gesanghua sighed again,Said:“Lao Lin’s son is enough for him to worry about,If i want another one,Don’t want his old life?” Ding Yi smiled,Say:“When my son grows up, he always walks out of the house,At this time you want one for Commander Lin,Just to make up for his missing son。sister in law,Don’t be afraid to have […]