“Grandma,No matter how shy you are, you have to ask about it!”

Murong Shan said angrily。 “Oh,Then I will ask him next time。” Yang Shiyun obediently agreed。 “Ha ha……” Liu Xiaoyun suddenly laughed,Smiling happily,But this time she suddenly laughed,Looks a little weird。 “What are you smiling at??” Yang Shiyun asked Liu Xiaoyun strangely。 “I’m laughing;Sister Shiyun, you would be so mischievous。” ———— Chapter two thousand and eighty […]

Peng Changyi smiled slightly,I subconsciously took a look at Yin Nan’s bag,I immediately saw the head of a recording pen exposed there。

His face then became serious,Said sharply:“what is that?” Yin Nan followed Peng Changyi’s gaze,I know he misunderstood,Said:“County Magistrate Peng,I just said,You are the person I can rely on and trust most,do not worry,I know when to press the record button,When not to press the record button。I am not despicable enough to record with someone I […]

And this benefit is continuous,Even if the Tianxiang continued Qi cream is gone,His cultivation speed is still very fast!

I need to thank Mr. Bai,The opponent showed up on time after the juice on Xia Chenglong’s body disappeared,And wiped it again with a smile,This time the amount is more than last time! Xia Chenglong can’t speak,But sincerely thank Mr. Bai for his 18th generation ancestors! then,A seemingly peaceful night spent in pain and happiness! […]

“I am on duty in the office,What’s your order?”Chen Le said。

Peng Changyi said:“You said the boss of Jinhua Auto Repair Factory was your classmate last time,is it?” “Yes,Our buddy is the best。” “it is good,You have time to ask him,How much is the car I am currently worth?” “You want to sell a car?” “Haven’t considered,Ask as a gossip,Don’t ask,Don’t say I asked to ask。Not […]

If in the plot,If Yuze is the boss,If you and Su Xi are childhood sweethearts,Su Xi’s family should be pretty good。But now Sumei,I can’t talk about the concept of family background at all。And Su Xi in the plot is a sunny girl,Su Mei in reality,And these five words,Not very close.

and so,It’s not that the plot is a problem,But reality is getting closer to the plot。Then,Baby O rubs his chin,He Yuze is a childhood sweetheart,How to explain it? The childhood sweethearts that appeared before,Whether it is Yuze or Huaiye,Have been with them。Ke Sumei’s growth trajectory,There is no intersection with brother。The Imperial Capital is also quite […]

Yang Shiyun is still very worried。

“With you and me,Bring Yang Zhi,Do you think anyone can get close to Murong Shan??You underestimate these few of us, right?,Haha。” Qin Liang smiled without humility。 “it is good,Then listen to you。” Yang Shiyun is naturally not easy to make everyone happy,I happily agreed。 A few people drive out,I specially found a restaurant with a […]

Huaiye sits down again,Because he noticed his mother’s heavy heart。This is a rare thing。

And for mom’s question. Huaiye glanced at Baby Ou,Hesitation flashed in his eyes,Baby Ou thought she was here,Ono is inconvenient to say,Got up and went out。But was held by Huaiye,“sister,You stay。”Still have sister,Safe point.In case it gets exposed,I can also have my sister protect me. Baby Ou sits again holding Ou Maomao,Make a look with […]

Yang Shiyun looked helpless and shy,Aggrieved answer。

“Wow,It seems that I can do whatever I want in the future!Hehe,Why not go home with you tonight,Haha……” Qin Liang immediately smiled happily,Triumphantly said。 “Pooh,In your dreams!You still want to be fine, right?!” Yang Shiyun shyly pinched Qin Liang。 There was a knock on the door,A girl’s voice asked outside;“Excuse me,Can we come in?” “Come […]


Chapter three thousand seven hundred and forty nine No one understands him Remember one second【800♂small÷Say→network 】,Wonderful free reading without popups! Chapter three thousand seven hundred and forty nine No one understands him “Who is weak?Did I say the word weak??Did you hear me wrong?I didn’t say it。” Qin Liang made a decisive decision,I didn’t admit […]