Nana whispered:“father,You have to discuss with mom,Be sure to discuss with mom,Otherwise she should scold you and scold me and scold Auntie again。”

Peng Changyi feels her daughter is really sensible,Recently, I talked about where she went to high school,My daughter will tell my father repeatedly,I need to discuss with my mother。In fact,Since last year,Peng Changyi began to instill in Shen Fang that Nana would go to high school in Langzhu,I haven’t reached a consensus with Shen Fang […]

Who can control Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun?”

Yanzi said with a wry smile。 “amount……” Yang Shiyun has nothing to say,indeed,Shen Ruoxue doesn’t know much about her yet,But Liu Xiaoyun knows her best,If you can count as“Desperate Sanniang”if,Then Liu Xiaoyun is well deserved“Desperately three girls”! That little girl is fighting,It’s really desperate……Not a little girly。 “Ugh,Forget it,Don’t talk about this yet,When it’s really […]

Liu Qiao quickly explained,“The recipient is Mr. Yu。Isn’t Mr. Yu not in the company?,The front desk notified Mr. Yu’s secretariat。And during routine inspections,Find,There is a child in the package.Live。The front desk has called the police,You see.”

“.”Baby Ou is a little dumbfounded,What plot is this,Is not,Wait for me to slow down,“child,Live?Was sent as a package,The recipient is my brother?” The focus is very good。Liu Qiao nodded,“The manager at the reception desk is handling this,The doctor is also examining the child。But you may need Mr. Yu to come back。”Mr. Yu went to […]

Song Min answered arrogantly。

“What does he lie to me?Go find him to settle accounts,I didn’t lie!Really。” Shen Ruoxi reluctantly said,It’s okay to massage Song Min or rub her feet,But if you do this to pay off Qin Liang’s debt,Then she’s not happy。 “That means let Qin Liang massage my feet?sure?” Song Min started to provoke。 “I didn’t say […]

Ding Yi chewed carefully,While saying:“Really fragrant,Not tired at all。”

She said so,Just snatched it from Jiang Fan,Eat it myself。 Father Jiang and Mother Jiang saw that Ding Yi could eat meat,Very happy,Mother Jiang wrapped her a little bit,Ding Yi finished eating again。 Jiang Fan said:“Just accept,Can’t eat,It’s time to throw up。” Ding Yi said:“Home for two or three days,I haven’t vomited yet,It means that […]