“I didn’t plan to go home for dinner at noon,So needless to say,Do not worry。”Shen Luoluo said。

noon,really,Three people eat together at Zhongyue Restaurant。 “Lolo,Song,Before we get married,And have a meal with you two,pretty good。”Tong Xinyou looks like he is the master。 “thank you,But this meal was bought by Su Jingchen,Has nothing to do with you。”Shen Luoluo said rudely。 “Shen Luoluo,Pay attention,Tomorrow is their wedding,From now on, the two of them will […]

The interview patted my hand,Made another push action。

James Harden was angry。 He just threw away the basketball,Angrily:“Mr,Didn’t you see that all my actions are very standardized?I almost never met him!” The referee smiled,“James,Don’t think i didn’t see your movements,How did your elbow move?Why are you arching back?” James Harden quickly changed the subject,“But this level of confrontation,Can you call a foul??” “If […]

“rest assured,Just live broadcast。”

“Live broadcast?” Finally, Amado’s glasses were taken off,put it on the table,Mirror against the wall。 “this person.It’s Guoxin Jushi!”Shikamaru looked at the man who appeared on the screen and said。 “And Cixian.And big gray wolf.”Sasuke said。 “Guoxin Jushi is the only person in the shell organization who helps me,Actually,Thanks to you for giving Cixian a […]

And to defend the home court,Supersonic from top to bottom,Everything from the management to the fans is well prepared。The playoff atmosphere they created for the Lakers did make some of the Lakers’ newcomers fluctuate.。

Supersonic has already walked on the edge of the cliff,Taking a step back is to waste the hard work of the whole season。Slipped from last year’s Western Conference championship to the second round。And this is something that the team management and the players cannot accept,They always think the Lakers are young,Does not have the resilience […]


Kobe wants to die。 Xu Xuan, the hanging man is too hateful! Bring out the old gangster every time I can’t tell him,You don’t know that23Number is24The enemy of life?? “I know.” Know you still say? “on purpose.” Kobe:“.” Maggie,He found that he couldn’t beat Xu Xuan anymore,But it doesn’t matter,Kobe is not a person […]

But Kobe will continue to vote!

G4He got in!He had an epic performance。 G5Did not enter,But he always believed that he could enter! This is an absolute confidence,I have only seen this confidence in a few players in the league,Jordan,Bird,Olajuwon,assassin。 This is the trait of these legendary stars! They dare to vote! Even if you miss more goals,When the team needs […]

Xue Qinghe pursed her thin lips,Looking at everyone indifferently,Speak slowly“Due to the unfortunate death of the father,and so,by me,Xue Qinghe replaces his father!”

“The soul master who can reach here this time,Are already very good soul masters on the mainland,I must have put in a certain amount of effort and effort for it,I hope you can get good results in this competition!” “it is good!As expected of His Royal Highness,This momentum has even surpassed Your Majesty Xueye?” “Yes!There […]