“Hello there。”Tang Li and Mo Xiaosheng said,“Can you show me this writing?”

“can!”Mo Xiaosheng hasn’t spoken yet,Jode nodded hurriedly,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng didn’t move,Kicked him,Said:“What are you doing,Give the copybook to Professor Tang soon。” Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Jode,He did not speak,Took out the copybook and handed it to Tang Li,“Please have a look。” “Sure enough, Wang Xizhi’s Mingqi Post。”Tang Li took a closer look,Can’t help but say。 […]

Suddenly there was a low voice outside,Then I saw a fifty-something,Wearing an orange dress,The middle-aged woman with a rosary in her hand walked in quickly。

———— First0280Chapter this is fate “mom!” Li Qianying trembled in shock when she saw her mother,Look flustered。 “What are you doing?” After Li Qianying’s mother saw the silver needle on her son,,I immediately understood what was going on,His face suddenly sank,Frosty。 “Xiaozhen,you……you listen to me……”Li Zhenbei is also very nervous,“This Doctor Mo is very skilled,Can […]

People’s life,30The best memory before age。

exactly,Yes23The best memory before graduating from college。 《A bowl of Yangchun noodles》Shen Huan saw it in junior high school,He definitely can’t write specific words and sentences silently,But the rough plot,And that fresh energy,But he remembers clearly。 From bed.Get up,Shen Huan switched the phone to sticky note mode,Started typing。 “For small noodle restaurants,Busiest time of the […]

Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu arrived in the area near the road to the west in a short while。

At this time,Everyone heard a noise。 Look up,But there are three students,Standing at the entrance of the pedestrian street,What are you arguing with the owner of the Mercedes car parked over there?。 When Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu rushed past,The owner is still sitting in the driver’s seat,Didn’t mean to come down。 “I said you […]

Chen Shuai also asked politely:“Are you female friendly??”

Lu Shanshan and Shen Zhiyue talking,Although his words are uncomfortable,But speaking very well,The physical problem should not be serious。 “Thanks Chen for your concern,He is much better,Wait for him to stabilize,You can go home。” Although Chen Shuai is upset, someone is staring at him,But given that Lu Shanshan is in the circle,It’s another 18-wire,She should […]

The harvest is good,But this time it will take nearly a year2Billion of funds,Make Shen Huan feel a little distressed。

Spend too much,Too little income,It’s not Shen Huan’s style。 therefore,Think about it,Shen Huan decided not to buy the finished product in the store,He came to the jade market to buy gambling。 Good master obviously arranged it a long time ago。 Otherwise, what would you do to give Shen Huan a jade master’s skill?? Came to […]

At first there were artificial rumors that he was bankrupt、Destitute。

But then someone really started to expose Iverson’s asset allocation,I found this guy is generous,But his asset manager is still very responsible。 In his heyday,The asset manager bought him one3500Ten-thousand dollar fixed trust fund,To reach him50Take it out,Even if he wants to take it in advance,Impossible。 This is to prevent him from misusing money,So much […]


“Lin’an,Can you find someone more famous than our Xiaohuan?” “Uh……No。”Liang Xiuxiu said and added,“But selling a house is not an endorsement。Or else,Teacher Lu gave us the endorsement of this real estate,We just hit7fold!” “Ha ha。” Xia He smiled,“Manager Liang,You know that Pepsi asked our Xiaohuan to endorse,How much does it cost?” Without waiting for Liang […]

Jiang Yuan laughed too:“I said how do I feel your emotional expression this time is particularly full,So you really think the scenery here is good。That’s it,Real feelings are the best。”

The big yard they built is not in town,But in a village two or three miles from the town。 When the car reaches the entrance of the village, it can’t drive in,Fang Hao and Luo Xiaohu got out of the car,Take out your suitcase from the trunk,Take out another map,Looked at it for a while: […]