Heard from the housekeeper,Lin Yu responded。

“Ok,Young master。” Butler finished,Also left。 “Dad has something to do with you,You go find him first。” Lu Yingying looks at Lin Yu,Open road。 “Nothing,Go at night,Anyway, it’s not something to worry about。” “If it’s something urgent,He will call me。” Lin Yu heard what Lu Yingying said,Smile,Lightly。 “Ok!” See Lin Yu said so,Lu Yingying,Naturally it’s hard […]

For example, last week’s question,Shen Huan obviously feels beyond the scope of a university,To the point of the graduate entrance exam。

This paper I took out today,Although there are only three questions,But it is a typical problem about calculus and matrix analysis。 If it weren’t for Shen Huan’s over 30 graduate-level math test papers in the past few weeks,It’s really hard to handle。 But now,For Shen Huan, who is already familiar with professional mathematics,Three questions are […]

Gu Mu said nothing,Looking at it all with a smile,But secretly took the phone and took a photo of this couple of dogs and men together,And then sent it to Guo Miaomiao:

“Miao Miao,Look at your man,Tired of being with a woman,Any thoughts?” after awhile,Guo Miaomiao came back: “Wow,That lady is so pretty,Her legs are so long,If it grows on me,That’s so good。” Gu Mu:“Did you get the point wrong?Shouldn’t the point be that your man gets tired of being with other women??” ———— Chapter Three Seven […]

There is no suspense early on,Both sides let the main players rest in the last quarter。Thunder finally lost the momentum of the first three quarters,The hit rate starts to drop,Not active enough,And the Warriors’ bench players cannot do miracles,Can only narrow the gap slightly。

In this game, Duraire did show his style,Three quarters of the playoffs33Minute,This data is already very scary。 I didn’t see Xu Xuan playing full48minute,only30+Is it,60It’s also a rare time。 Thunder this win,The Cavaliers’ odds of winning are even lower。 no way,The Warriors lost these two games,Can only explain one point,They are unstable,They are not as […]

In addition to the words of the two,The other bench members and the Shrek Seven Monsters are dimmed……

Especially Ning Rongrong,He clenched his palms with an ugly expression,The delicate skin is a bit torn by nails“Xu Sheng……” Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu looked at each other,Slowly put his palm on Ning Rongrong’s shoulder and patted…… The latter trembled,Then he forced a smile back…… That day,What a majestic scene is still in their impression…… […]

The figure is even more beautiful,The long skirt faintly reveals the big white legs hidden in the skirt corners,Dazzling。

There is a hint of curiosity and respect in her eyes, Is this the strong one?? Feeling Zhao Ming’s body carefully,She can feel Zhao Ming’s body,That must be the ancient phoenix。Except the ancient phoenix,No one has this kind of breath。 Although on the meridians,Zhao Ming doesn’t seem to be a soul beast rebuilt。But how can […]

“Dare to move our boss?court death!”

The remaining three tattooed men yelled upon seeing this,Immediately rushed towards Yang Xu。 Yang Xu opened the car door unhurriedly,Kicked head-on,Then he grabbed the tattooed man who fisted,Pull his arm,At the same time kick his knee,Just hear a scream,The man’s kneecap was kicked and shattered。 The remaining tattooed man was terrified by Yang Xu’s terrifying […]

Chapter 73 Struggle

“then,The two sides fought。 only,at the very beginning,Is the better one on our side。 but,Just when we thought we won,A man among the opponents who hadn’t done anything suddenly shot,then,Us people,I don’t even know how the other party did it,Was kicked out ten meters away。” How to make a move,Can’t see,And for the veterans。 Is […]

He is an acquaintance of Mu Guishu,At this time, of course you have to move towards Mu Ruru。

“no thanks,Uncle Gu。”Mu Ruru smiled and picked up the pen and paper next to him,Wrote three numbers,Gave it to them。 Then she hopped towards Mu Guishu and Shen Huan。 “Good girl……” Mu Guishu smiled and hadn’t finished speaking,Mu Ruru said quickly:“dad,I have something to ask Shen Huan,I’ll talk to you later!” Talking,She directly pulled Shen […]

He shot!

The shot speed is not very fast,But the rhythm is amazing。 But at this moment—— Xu Xuan suddenly turned around. Turning around unexpectedly, the beard froze in place,A stagger almost didn’t fall. “Haha,James dangled himself by fake action!” Barkley quickly explained。 Kenny beside·Smith covered his mouth:“It’s enough,Charles,What we should explain cannot be biased!” but. “Xu […]