“hehe……”http://www.digetongfang.cnLi Shuya is smiling, laughing, listening to Blue Xin, saying that you want to year,She is like listening to jokes.。

“Blue Xin,Don’t think about the New Year。” “Yes?Excuse me,This year is the first year I have alone with my husband.,I have to pack dumplings with him.,Watch the Spring Festival Gala together??Take the most beautiful fireworks with him。”Blue Xin is still stupid,Laughing, watching Li Shuya。 She this year,It is indeed planning to have a good year […]

“A bit。”

“In fact, there is nothing.。” Liuhe Mountain Patient Interpretation,“At the beginning, although I was the deputy door of the Guardian Alliance.,It is also the shadow of Junlun.。 I will replace him to do some people who have some people.……Know why he is so urgent to kill me?,Because I know many of his secrets。” Summer is […]

Middle-aged people quickly pick up the storage ring,Amens,And rapid calculation,After a dozen,He put the storage quit。

Then after the hands,Unloculture,Holding the fire in the hands,Hand over summer。 “Bro,It’s really cool.,It is yours.。 You will pay it with my mind.,Refining after going back。” Summer is http://www.dplus3c.cn prompting to sacrifice,At the same time, both hands took the fire。 His palm,This group of flame bear burn,But did not hurt the skin。 Middle-aged people are […]

“Waiter!Come on!”Chen Jianping stood in front of the tanker and yelled loudly,But no one came out。

Xia Jian suddenly felt a little strange,Shouldn’t!A gas station has at least two or three service personnel.,Why did you shout http://www.putao365.cn for so long,No one came out? “I stop shouting,I’ll go in and have a look”Xia Jian finished talking to Chen Jianping,Then let go and walked towards the service hall of the gas station。Lights are […]

Even he heard that there is an industry in the Magical Li Hui http://www.owanbao.cn Rong.,As for true, he doesn’t know.。

However, after Li Hui’s words,He feels less than a good value.。 “Hey-hey,rest assured,I guarantee that I don’t have problems.,After all, my son is this professionals in this area.。” Should be self-reliant, I want to talk about it.,As a result, when Li Hui’s pair of deep scorpions were some, I didn’t know what to say.。 “dad,I […]

GarioESkills,Then arrive in the front battlefield,Sitting the pig。

hisWTaunt,I have had to pay out in the case of just now.。 so,After the pig girl flew,He also does not have any means that can continue to control。 Next moment,IGMass,Command ideas are very clear。 run! Almost in this moment, in this direction in the team,IGThe front three people have made practical moves directly.。 but……WEEveryone,How could […]

So after seeing the summer wind and light clouds,They are http://www.schongji.cnvery curious。

“This Chinese doctor is too proud.。” A female expert said in English to someonends.,“I hate his self-righteousness.。” Next to a bald foreigner,After hearing,I have a little bit,“Mike should win。” “I think so too.。” Female experts attached,Rotary down low sound,“Mr. Hall,You said that the Chinese experts will tell the symptoms of these people in advance.……” “Impossible。” […]


Zhou Wei lightly,Temperament transformation,Say,“I am with my master to buy something.,He likes to collect some anecdotes related jade simple,In addition, some of the three products are also acquired.。” Narrate。 Woman is slightly smoldering,Quickly tasting summer,Curve no trace。 She laughed,“If the words of the anecdote,It is a jade simple to sell this aspect.,Miss,This brother,please follow me。” […]

Hearted World Assistance,Three-step threshold level。

And to《Heart formation》Third level,Three forces in one,Absolutely has the strength comparable to the normal three-footed road monarch。 The gap between this golden beast and him,Neither is absolutely crushed,But absolutely above me。 in this way,Just have enough pressure! “Huh”The golden beast body turned into a stream of light,The speed is absolutely above five times the limit。 […]

Just fighting here while,Shen Xuan is slightly shrugging。

“very good,But from now on,In fact, you,Nothing I imagined。” “Give me a lesson of them,Then others,follow me。” Shen Xuan said,With the warriors of the War Temple,I have went upstairs。 at this time,Board of Directors in Qiu Wind Building。 Wang Zhaoyang sits here,He looks very urgent。 Wang Zhaoyang’s side,Others think so too.。 After all, what is […]