How to maintain a happy marriage the seven-year itch is the most deadly

How to maintain a happy marriage “the seven-year itch” is the most deadly

My husband and I are big alumni. I met at a fraternity in college. He is two years older than me and is my senior professional.
We fell in love at first sight and quickly fell in love.
After we graduated, we stayed at the same company to work. In the eyes of others, we are a pair of heavenly people. Who else is more suitable than us?
銆€銆€By the way, in the fall of 1999, my husband and I held a wedding. The scene was very lively. My friends and family came a lot. Every word he said, I remember, his oath of “getting older with you.”璁╂垜鐑唱鐩?鐪躲€俉e are united by true love, we are all convinced that we can grow old, when he puts the ring on my ring finger, I said to myself, this man must be well grasped!
銆€銆€I firmly believe that our marriage will be happy. In the first two years, our life was very sweet. When he was free, he took me out to travel, and my friends gathered to take me.
In the third year of marriage, our child was born. After the production, I was always upset. When the child cried, I was so angry that I squandered the fire on him.
Wan Song’s temper is particularly good. He never cares about me, but follows me like a child, but the more he does, the more my heart is.
绉佸鏉惧紱锛屾垚涓哄コ浜虹殑濠氬Щ鈥滄伓姊︹€?>>灏忕紪鎺ㄨ崘锛氱編鑳稿コ绁炲ぉ蹇冮湶鑳?璋堣韩鏉愪繚鍏荤鏂瑰棰滃コ鏄熷垬鏅撳簡 57宀佺嫭闂ㄤ繚鍏荤璇€椹嫃鐧绘€ф劅鍐欑湡 涓拌兏灞曠幇瀹岀編鏇茬嚎瀹呯敺濂崇瀹夊績浜? 閫忚瑁呬簨涓氱嚎鎴愮劍鐐广€€銆€缁忎笉璧封€滀竷骞翠箣鐥掆€濄€€銆€2006骞达紝浠栧嚭杞ㄤ簡锛屽緢璁藉埡鐨勪竷骞翠箣鐥掋€俆he derailed object was a girl from their company. When I discovered this, I ran to his company, not only hit the third party involved in our marriage, but also destroyed the single business he was talking about at the time.
銆€銆€After knowing the truth, I lost my heart and cry. Afterwards, I knew that my impulse was causing trouble. After all, I wanted to win back to my husband instead of breaking with him.
I sent the child to my mother’s house that day, and I was waiting for him at home. I wanted to talk to him and I didn’t come back until midnight.
銆€銆€He smoked cigarettes without a word. I didn’t know what he was thinking. I didn’t even dare to speak first. Later, he spoke first. The first sentence he said was “I’m sorry.”
浠栬杩欎竴鍒囬兘閿欏湪浠?韬笂锛屾槸浠栬嚜宸辨病鑳界粡鍙楀緱浣忚鎯戯紝浠栧凡缁忔妸閭d釜濂冲杈為€€浜嗭紝鑰屼笖淇濊瘉浠ュ悗鍐嶄篃涓嶆潵寰€浜嗭紝浠栧笇鏈涙垜鍙互鍐嶇粰浠栦竴娆℃満浼氾紝浠栨槸鐪烮 want to go to the end with me, but my private parts are slack and unable to smother his desires, so that he can’t resist the temptation of young women.
涓€涓粷鎷涳紝璁╁コ浜哄揩閫熸仮澶嶁€滅揣鎻″姏鈥?>>銆€銆€鎰忓鈥滈倐閫呪€濓紝閲嶆俯婵€鎯呮棫姊︺€€銆€閭f鏃堕棿鎴戝儚鍙戜簡鐤技鐨勫鎵捐兘澶熻鎴戝洖鍒扮敓灏忓涔嬪墠鐨勭揣鑷达紝鍖婚櫌灏辨壘I don’t know how many homes, but they all told me not to slowly adjust and slowly recover. How can I not worry that my husband is leaving me.
Directly to a good sister told me from the United States, the United States and the Yin Yin products, I am holding a dead horse as a living horse doctor to try.
The effect is amazing, I am so happy that I can’t express it in words.
濂充汉杩欐牱鍋氾紝鐗㈢墷鈥滄彙绱р€濆垢绂忓Щ>>>灏忕紪鎺ㄨ崘锛氱編鑳稿コ绁炲ぉ蹇冮湶鑳?璋堣韩鏉愪繚鍏荤鏂瑰棰滃コ鏄熷垬鏅撳簡 57宀佺嫭闂ㄤ繚鍏荤璇€椹嫃鐧绘€ф劅鍐欑湡 涓拌兏灞曠幇瀹岀編鏇茬嚎瀹呯敺濂崇瀹夊績浜? 閫忚瑁呬簨涓氱嚎鎴愮劍鐐广€€銆€缇庡皵鑼电缉闃翠骇鍝侊紝鍙鎶婅嵂涓告斁鍏ラ槾閬撳唴锛岃兘鐩磋揪绉佸鍐呴儴锛屼慨澶嶇敱浜庡绉嶅師鍥犲紩璧风殑绉佸鏉惧紱銆佸共娑╋紝鏈?鏁堟帓闄ら槾姣掞紝璁╁コ鎬х澶勬仮澶嶅仴搴锋按Run, tight and attractive.
As soon as I gritted my teeth, I died as a living horse doctor and bought two courses in one breath.
Every few days, I conducted a 鈥渃ombat exercise鈥?with Wan Song. In the constant 鈥渆xercise鈥? I became more and more tight, and Wansong became more and more passionate.
Until the two treatments are used, we can reach the peak of pleasure every time and enjoy the ecstasy.
He will never be dead in the house, and I am more and more active.
I have experienced the seven-year itch of marriage, which makes me understand the importance of the maintenance of women’s private parts. I have a deeper understanding that to control the man’s heart, I must satisfy the man’s desire.
It’s not that hard to grab a man’s heart!
缇庡皵鑼佃濂充汉绱у鈥滃瀛愨€濓紝璇辨儜鐢蜂汉鏃犱笅闄?>>灏忕紪鎺ㄨ崘锛氱編鑳稿コ绁炲ぉ蹇冮湶鑳?璋堣韩鏉愪繚鍏荤鏂瑰棰滃コ鏄熷垬鏅撳簡 57宀佺嫭闂ㄤ繚鍏荤璇€椹嫃鐧绘€ф劅鍐欑湡 涓拌兏灞曠幇瀹岀編鏇茬嚎瀹呯敺濂崇瀹夊績浜? 閫忚瑁呬簨涓氱嚎鎴愮劍鐐?