But Kobe will continue to vote!

G4He got in!He had an epic performance。
G5Did not enter,But he always believed that he could enter!
This is an absolute confidence,I have only seen this confidence in a few players in the league,Jordan,Bird,Olajuwon,assassin。
This is the trait of these legendary stars!
They dare to vote!
Even if you miss more goals,When the team needs them,They must be willing to come forward!
Dare to ask if Kobe made the last three shots,To his teammate,Can they hit?
O’Neill is exhausted,Eddie Jones was so defensively defended by Houston’s striker,Barkley almost hangs on Horry。
No one has the physical ability to score,Only Kobe stood out,It can only be Kobe。
Even if i miss99ball,I also believe in the next goal。
Kobe’s words reveal his attitude,Never giving up。
What if I lost the vote?
He is young,He has an infinite future。
Lose one game,I believe Kobe can quickly adjust。
People who love Kobe will not change after this game,Because Kobe has always played like this,Those who hate Kobe may fall into a carnival after this game is over,They finally found one of Kobe’s few black spots。
Next game,G6See you in houston!
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Two Jordan loses,G6Start!