“welcome any time!”

Say,Ye Shuangzhou is directly prepared for both hands,Then do the lack of the lack of the other party’s two people。
At the same time, the next time, the tourists who have leased, no matter what youth men or old people.,Be familiar with the regulations,Then I have a small book,Let them abide by the rules of accommodation。
Li Huihe heard that someone is also in the first time.。
But it is found that people have left。
Pouring the deposit。
For this kind of thing, Li Hui is also a bidding.,After all, the most fear of the dry drugs is negative impact.。
At this time, the two people want to have a negative report.,It is very likely that the newly renovated budget of Lotus Village is facing the situation of not renting.。
But the rings of the leaves seem to be buried.。
Next day,Sure enough, I didn’t have expectations of Li Hui.,The two people directly smashed this matter on multiple platforms.。
It is also because of this,Let the two frequently hot,The same two big new media accounts are all fans growing through 100,000 mark every day.。
Lotus Village’s Bed and Breakfast,unreasonable,I don’t respect the various news of people.。
“Leaf big brother,This thing seems to be more than our imagination.,I feel that we need to clarify it.,Otherwise, there is a possibility that there is no one to play after the mountains.。”
“Hey-hey,Not in a hurry,Let them continue to make a lot of,The timing is almost,I will make them self-sufficient。”
“Forehead,Yafo has killer?”
Li Hui Feng has some curious other party to control the evidence of each other。
After all, those yards,There is no camera in the room.,If there is an installation camera, there is only an alley,There is installation on the street。
Other places have no roots。
“necessary,I don’t have killer, I dare to let them be so arrogant.?”
As the continuous fermentation of the event,The exposure of Lianhua Village is now greatly improved.,However, it is obvious that this increase is black.。
That is, the more you are discredient, the more you http://www.arrow-oil.cn are concerned.。
Lotus villagers are also in just a few days.。
Just when the reporters have visited lotus villages.,Ye Shuangzhou is also standing directly。
At the same time, there is also a lotus account for the lotus villagers, and they will publish the things before and after.。
Exposing the video of youth men and women.。
same,They have made a contrast to the situation in front of the people.。
There is even footprints above the new toilet.。
Blooming flowers,Small traces are very obvious,Obviously, before the check-out。
The kitchen’s pot bowl is not brushing,Long thick thick layer。
One of the stakes left behind the loungers have formed a distinct contrast.。
The five thousand pieces of deposit leaves are also taken out.,And clarified in front of major media reporters。
“The deposit is not http://www.art0373.cn not given,The premise given to the retreat is to clean yourself.,The stool of yourself pack it yourself.。”
“Our staff is indeed obliged to clean up,But our staff is no obligation to clean up their stools.,No obligation, let them not go in the flower bed,There is no obligation to wash your order.。”
“Of course, the home they live now has been completely disinfected.,The bedding is also directly replaced by a new,As for their deposit, I still have a word.,Not refund,Of course, if they apologize, I am wrong.,Deposit can be refunded to them。”
“As for why a part,That is the bedding, we all buy new,disinfectant,Ultraviolet lights These are all for their mistakes to reach it.,There are also three cleaning aunts.,Give it a pass before and after the toilet。”
“All consumer bills,We all have records,Everyone can look at it.。”
Say,Ye Shuangzhou directly took the bill。
One bed is more than 1,000,disinfectant,ultra violet light,Repropted seedlings,And the payment of the employment cleaning aunt,More than 3,000 consumption。
And they rent a whole yard,Five-family room,Only spent four hundred。