Although the rumors are more embarrassed,But anything is not a hole in the air.,Take a lot of attention,Many http://www.nanyangroyalhotel-guangzhou.cn upflow people have explored news from all aspects.。

And it is not long ago,Circle overpass,Owner of a car accident,It is a controller who rushes the spider.,Li Shu。
Learn the second night,These are all made in summer.。
“Yes,Second Miss。”
Sichuan ice color,“We will leave with Mr. Xia。”
The second night is in the style of nodding.,Just continue to chat,Suddenly,Her mobile phone rumors。
See the above number,Turn on,She didn’t speak,Directly look at Sichuan Sisters,Faint,“coming。”
Two people,Follow,Sichuan Ice Station,At the same time,“Let me go.。”
After the end,She stepped away from the seat,Go outward。
Almost at the same time,The restaurant came outside a group of people。
The one is a man and a woman.,Men’s figure,Handsome,Women’s body,Thick makeup,Incomparable。
I followed eight http://www.maruiqi.cn bodyguards in them.。
“Distinguished guest,welcome。”Miss Yingbin in the door, understand respectful greetings。
Successful people in the restaurant also frowned to go to this guy.,Take so many bodyguards to eat?
This top western restaurant,Eating is to enjoy the atmosphere and improve the grade,This guy is screaming,At first glance is an outbreak。
These successful people are not in ambiguous,But will not bring it。
And there is a rule here,Guests only have seats,No standing position。
If it is a bodyguard,Also give the bodyguard scheduled seat,Each 100,000 HK $。
People who have this idea are not in a minority。
but,When they recognize people,There have been colors。
Almost conscious,Many people immediately replace them or charm,Airless,Friendly smile。
“Who do I say so bold?,It turned out to be Zhou Millennium。”
http://www.32912999.cn “Who said not,Zhou Gongzi is one of the seven young people of Hong Kong.,Book for the bodyguard when you come。”
“咦 咦 is the Asian Xiao Tian Han Jingjing?”
“What is strange?,Han Jingjing has always been a frequent visitor here.,Almost every day,Oh, just,I thought she didn’t appear in front of the public recently.。”
“Yeah yeah,I also think so,Hey-hey。”
“Hey-hey,嘿嘿 嘿”
Many male compatriots reveal a strange strange expression,Easy convergence。
Walking around and Wan Jingjing,Road to the table,Those who knows don’t know。
However, there is no longer responding like the past.,Ying face all the way。
If it is not a father’s order,Let him behave and often,He is not willing to throw an appearance。