Ding Yi chewed carefully,While saying:“Really fragrant,Not tired at all。”

She said so,Just snatched it from Jiang Fan,Eat it myself。
Father Jiang and Mother Jiang saw that Ding Yi could eat meat,Very happy,Mother Jiang wrapped her a little bit,Ding Yi finished eating again。
Jiang Fan said:“Just accept,Can’t eat,It’s time to throw up。”
Ding Yi said:“Home for two or three days,I haven’t vomited yet,It means that Dad made delicious,Not tired。”
Mother smiled,Say:“Your father is very careful every day,Lest you vomit。”
Ding Yi said with a smile:“Thank you dad。”
Although Ding Yi eats happily,But the attentive mother still saw the puffiness of her eyes,Said:“Xiaoding,Your eyes are a little puffy,Are your feet swollen??”
Ding Yi was stunned suddenly,Said:“I did not notice。”
“Take off my socks and show me。”
Jiang Fan said:“I’ll take it off。”Talking, Bend down and take off Ding Yi’s socks,Let mom see。
Mom pressed her daughter-in-law’s feet,Say:“Seems okay now。”
Ding Yi said:“What’s the matter mom?”
Mom said:“Some pregnant women,There will be swelling in five or six months,Feet and face,Your eyes are a little puffy,On the feet。”
Jiang Fan puts on Ding Yi again,Said:“She cried for swollen eyes。”
Mom and Dad listened to their son,Looked puzzled。
Jiang Fan read the worry from the eyes of the two old people,Just explained:“She is worried about today’s check,I was uncomfortable last night and this morning。”
Ding Yi quickly touched Jiang Fan with his elbow,Don’t let him say。