“hehe……”http://www.digetongfang.cnLi Shuya is smiling, laughing, listening to Blue Xin, saying that you want to year,She is like listening to jokes.。

“Blue Xin,Don’t think about the New Year。”
“Yes?Excuse me,This year is the first year I have alone with my husband.,I have to pack dumplings with him.,Watch the Spring Festival Gala together??Take the most beautiful fireworks with him。”Blue Xin is still stupid,Laughing, watching Li Shuya。
She this year,It is indeed planning to have a good year with Lu Haozheng.。
Li Shuya slightly,Looking at her is not afraid,Can’t die,So smiling and glaring,She can’t maintain an elegant normal state,Instant angry。
She got up and down, Blue Xin,I stared at her pure and beautiful face.,This face, he looked at it.:“Blue Xin,I think you are not too understanding our Lejia.,We Lijia black and white,Provoke us http://www.1016photostudio.cn Lijia,The consequences are not your home can afford,today,Let me know the consequences of playing me.。”
“Oh!”Blue Xin’s calm look, read two bodyguards behind her.:“I know that you are not going to let go.,But I am not afraid of being,Tell to see how you want to me?”
“hehe……”Li Shuya is smiling,See the biggest,I have never seen such a big person.,She all said so much.,She still has no fear on her face.。
She is awkward,Not talk nonsense:“Take her away from me,Send it to the boat,I want her to be born.。”
“Yes,Miss。”Two bodyguards are moving towards Blue Xin。
Blue Xin’s eyes are afraid,The whole person gradually retreats,Watch two bodyguards。
At the same time, he also understands a little.,After being taken away by her,The consequence is really unimaginable,Especially by her delivery,So,She will be trampled to death。
Li Shuya wants to treat his body with his people,That means is definitely a finger。
Needless to say,She also knows that she is in order to revenge。
Li Shu Chang doesn’t think,She didn’t plan to let the vicious Li Shuchang come out。
Li Shuya looked at her scared,I have a good sense of feeling on my face.。
Lan Xin did not struggle,Even if she has learned Taekwondo,At this time, it is also her.,What’s more, her original plan is to grasp her.。
She thought that Li Shuya will find a chance to do it outside.,But she is too anxious.,Actually carried out in the riverside hotel,This for her,More favorable。
soon,Blue Xin is leaving from the fire passage by Li Shuya。
Lu Haocheng finished the phone,The Journey is also coming back.,But Blue Xin still didn’t come back.,His heart faintly felt uneasiness。
Blue Xin’s mobile phone,Blue Xin’s mobile phone is in her bag.。
She is on the washroom,There is no mobile phone,Pack on the sofa in the lounge。
The Journey to look at Lu Haocheng is waiting,。Say:“President,Do you want us to find。”
He feels uncomfortable here.,Holding a fear of 10 billion,Pressure to suppress some breathing。
Rao is that he followed Lu Haocheng.,But when his hand,His hand can’t help but shake it.。
He finally realized the money these years.,Potential energy。
“go。”Lu Haozheng picks up the bag of Blue Xin,Big steps walking outside。
All the way,I haven’t encountered Blue Xin.。
The Journey is called the front desk.,I didn’t see Blue Xin.。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Intuitive telling him,Blue Xin’s accident。
“Jiefin,Immediately go to monitor room control。”
“Good,President,Don’t worry,Lady may have an acquaintance。In Jiangyu Hotel,Who should dare to move a lady?。”The Journey to see Lu Hao is anxious,Busy to persuade him。
Lu Haocheng,I also go straight to the monitoring room。
At the surveillance room,The scene of the inside is surprised by Lu Haoheng and the Journey。
The security of the surveillance room is full of fainting on the ground。
All your equipment in the monitoring room is closed。
“This……What is going on??”Right champion。
Lu Haochong quickly took out the phone,Calling the phone。
Ou Jing, the mood is very good at this time.,Live waiting red light。
See Lu Hao Cheng’s phone,He is quite annoyed,But still pick up the phone。