“sister,This http://www.yiefa.cn is the photo studio you are talking about?”Wang Zhaodi looked everywhere,Breathe in,This is too grand。

“Correct,Just take pictures of people。”Xia Shuyue didn’t want to explain too much to her cousin,Because her brain is already working。
At this moment,Someone knocks on the door,Xia Shuyue motioned her mother and cousin to enter the room,Just say,“Please come in。”
“boss,You find us。”All five security guards came in,Stand straight in front of you。
“Is there anyone else coming to make trouble during this time??”Xia Shuyue sits up straight,Asked。
“Have,available everyday,Are walking in the corridor outside,There are always three or five,Not much。”One of the tall guys replied。
“Have you talked to the property management of the building??”
“No,The http://www.dwwsa.cn company has been out of office,We don’t bother to pay attention to them,They usually stay for an hour or two,Feel boring,Just left。”
“it is good,I understand,I will ask you to change your uniforms,Put on regular clothes,Starting business today,The five of you at the gate,Will scare the guests。”
“You are sitting at the front desk or lobby,Or go to your lounge,The front desk will tell you something。”
299 Cen Cheng resigned
“You are not afraid of them coming in and smashing things?Sometimes they rush in suddenly,No warning。”
“Not afraid,They dare to come,The five of you should be fine with them,You immediately contact the property management of the building,Someone dared to make trouble at the door of the company、Contain,Ask the property manager to kick them out,Reluctant,Call the police。”