Middle-aged people laughing,“You travel from other faces,That instant space fluctuated very strong,At that time, I was exploring my mind and constantly swept the entire sacraid mainland.,Just when you come,I saw me.。”

hiss!Summer pour a breath。
Scan the entire sacraid continent……How much big?
Think room,Middle-aged voice continues。
He sighed,“I really have to have a lot of faces.,But not much more,But I have a space to treasure.,Plus me some slightly weak strength,Ability to take row channel。”
Merely,He looks straight to the summer,“That is a spanger,Today is on you,Its power fluctuation,I am very familiar.……”What!!Summer,A moment changed color。
“Xiaoyou doesn’t need to panic,Since the fairy rings fall in your http://www.dinghlj.cn hands,That is your thing,Because I know the god of the fairy ring,It will choose the owner。”
Middle-aged man smiles,“Xianling is not my thing,At the beginning,I have triggered a catastrophe,I understand later,Xianling Ring once selected the owner,Others are difficult to grab,Later……我得到了仙灵戒,曾追随我数千年,我便利用它来穿梭各种位面,直到某一天,我来到此界,仙灵戒消失了。”
中年男子望来,“His hometown has suffered,Will collapse,He wants to go home,To save his world,后来,He learned from me here to resident channel,Before leaving,I agree with him.,If he succeeded,He will come back to help me return home,I also have hometown.……Tens of thousands of services……”Summer is silent。
But the heart is not calm.。
This amount of information is too big.。
There are more questions。
The voice of the middle-aged man continues to ring,“If I speculate good words,You should be with Wang Hao from the same place,Have him succeeded??”
Summer shakes your head。
He did not deny that he and Wang Wei came from the same world.。
In front of this,Nothing to lying。
the most important is,The other party can say this,Affirmation is not a lie。
“Our world,It is still lacking,The vitality of this world cannot be drawn。”
Middle-aged man reveals a complex,“Mark,It is what I told him.,At that time he reached the limit of this world.,神台境。
I advise him to go to the gods to continue to practice,Because I want to fix one,Need to mark,And he is not strong enough。
Pity……”Merely,He smiled,“But he still abides by the commitment,You took a fairy rush.。”
After the words,Four middle-aged people standing in the four directions,All comes out of excitement。
They are trapped in this manner nearly 20,000 years,Today, I finally http://www.aicq99.cn saw the dawn of returning to my hometown.。
In the eyes of the summer, it is flashing.。