10 False Views of Chinese Marriage

10 False Views of Chinese Marriage

The results of the most recent census confirm that the previous divorce rate has skyrocketed.

Nearly a third later, it was completely broken, and many couples began to re-examine their marriage.

If you are also preparing to go to the other end of the red carpet with your spouse, the following facts must be recognized first.

  Myth 1: Marriage gives men more recognition than women.

    Fact: Contrary to many previous reports, recent survey results show that marriage benefits men and women as much, but in different ways.

Because of marriage, both men and women will live longer, happier, and richer.

In most households, husbands earn more than their wives. In contrast, wives receive financial support.

  Misconception 2: The advent of children gradually deepens the relationship between the couple, making the marriage life happier.

  Fact: A large number of studies and survey results show that the arrival of the first child will alienate the relationship between husband and wife and bring invisible stress to marriage.

But families with children have a slightly lower divorce rate than families without children.

  Myth 3: The key to the longevity of a marriage is luck and romance.

  Fact: More important than luck and romance is responsibility and respect.

Love-loving couples for decades have described their marriage as a work created with tremendous labor.

The happiest lovers are also a pair of friends who share their touching and hobbies in life.

  Myth 4: The harder it is for a woman with a higher education to marry.

  Fact: The latest marriage survey shows that women with a college degree are more likely to find love today than women without a college degree, indeed because they are older or have had a marriage experience.

This is a significant change from past benchmarks.

  Misconception 5: Long-term cohabitation without marriage allows the two to better understand each other and adapt to each other. In the future, they can have a more harmonious and beautiful marriage relationship than a couple who had not cohabited before marriage.

  Fact: A large number of survey results confirm that cohabitants who lived before marriage were not happy after marriage and had a higher probability of breaking up.

One of the reasons is that since they are so easy to give themselves to each other to live together, they will easily break up if they have conflicts after marriage.

Experts point out that couples living together before marriage lack the courage to solve problems when they encounter difficulties.

  Myth 6: Today’s people can’t expect a life-long marriage like theirs, because people now live longer.

  Fact: The increase in life expectancy of modern people is due to the drastic decline in infant mortality.

Although we live a bit longer than our grandfathers, our marriage age is much later than them.

The length of an unbroken marriage is almost the same as the length of people’s marriage 50 years ago.

In fact, many couples in modern times broke up before they reached the golden and silver wedding anniversary, and many still haven’t experienced 7 years of itching.

  Myth 7: Married women are more at risk of domestic violence than single women.

  Fact: Sufficient findings prove that women are more likely to abide by the violence of their boyfriends when living together, a higher percentage than women in married families.

After marriage, men are more involved in the family and society, and social norms virtually correct their behavior.

  Myth 8: Married couples are less satisfied with sex.

  Fact: The results of the marriage survey show that after marriage, men and women are more satisfied with their sexual life than unmarried men and women, and can be satisfied mentally and physically.

  Misconception 9: Cohabitation and marriage rankings are not different, except that there is no certificate.

  Fact: Cohabitation does not have the physical benefits of marriage. Cohabiting partners lack the loyalty between married couples and they know themselves better.

  Myth 10: The divorce rate is so high. Since the unhappy people have divorced, the happy people are still maintaining the marriage relationship.

  Fact: Marriage satisfaction is now lower than in the past two or three decades, because modern people have a lot of work pressure, and there is too little interaction and communication between husband and wife.