[How to make dried grapefruit peel]_How to make_How to make

[How to make dried grapefruit peel]_How to make_How to make

The grapefruit peel is generally thrown away. In fact, the grapefruit peel has a relatively high nutritional value. You can dry the grapefruit peel and eat it after eating.In addition, there are certain effects of treating cough and alleviating asthma. The method of drying grapefruit peel is relatively simple. It is necessary to clear the white part inside. Let ‘s take a look.

The practice of dried grapefruit peel 1.

Remove the white part of the grapefruit, add a large amount of boiling water and blanch it with water.


Cut the washed grapefruit skin into 1cm supplement strips, add it to the pot, add water (just the same height as the grapefruit skin) and a cup and a half of fine sugar, and slowly boil over low heat.


Remove the astringent taste floating on the upper layer, cook it together with water to dry, and spread it on a plate to cool.


Leave it for a few hours and wait for the grapefruit skin to dry. Sprinkle some sugar on it to eat the effect of the dried grapefruit skin. The grapefruit skin contains citral in essential oils. It can be soaked in water to help soreness;The hardened grapefruit skin is placed in the cabinet, which can prevent insects. After the grapefruit skin is dried, it can be used as a good tool for mosquito repellence. The hardened grapefruit skin is dried with a plastic bag punctured with holes.Packed and preserved, it can also be used as meat spiced spices; grapefruit skin has hair-care function.

Grapefruit skin can be used as a medicinal material after drying in the sun or in the shade. Its properties are warm, tastes bitter and sweet, non-toxic, has the functions of phlegm elimination, digestion, and depletion. Take two to three lines of decoction to treat chest tightness and cold pain in the abdomen., Cough, kidney qi, etc .; when gastrointestinal stagnation, indigestion, cut the appropriate amount of grapefruit skin into silk and cook with water, substitute for tea and drink, can digestion, appetite, courage, make people comfortable; and shredded grapefruit skinEating steamed chicken can cure cough and asthma in the elderly; grapefruit peel, six grams of artemisia leaf, three grams of licorice, decoction, can be used in children with cough; nine grams of grapefruit peel, decoction, can reduce pregnancy vomiting; often cold, cough,For people with sensitive trachea, you can use fresh grapefruit to peel the skin, add one or two each of non-bleached snow fungus (or yellow ear), plus several bottles of honey (preferably replace the one that can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough).Honey) Stew for one day, regular clothes can strengthen the lungs; after cutting the fish, if you want to remove the fishy smell on the kitchen knife and cutting board, you can wipe it off with grapefruit peel; the grapefruit peel can be dried in the sun or overcast to turn into grapefruit peel, cookedWater substitute tea is toxic, can be appetizing and relieve sweat, and alleviate early symptoms of cold.