[How to eat Bansu best]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat Bansu best]_How to eat_How to eat

Chestnut is a kind of snack that many friends like to eat. In fact, there are many kinds of chestnut production. You can make delicious substitutes, and you can directly cook them for consumption. The taste is very strong.

Chestnut starch is relatively high, so there are more transitions. Friends are advised not to consume too much chestnut at one time.

1. Chestnuts are eaten raw or cooked. Chestnuts can be eaten raw. For chestnuts to be eaten raw or cooked, it mainly depends on what kind of effect you want. Raw chestnuts have benefits, especially the elderly every day.You can eat a few chestnuts raw, but it should be noted that when you eat raw chestnuts, you must chew them carefully in the mouth until you chew the chestnuts, and then swallow a little bit, because it is not easy to digest raw chestnutsTherefore, it is necessary to chew the chestnut as much as possible without any graininess in the mouth.

Cooked chestnut can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve the effect of conditioning the stomach, but eat more easily stagnation, pay attention to the amount when eating.

All in all, raw and cooked foods are fine, and you can decide whether to eat them raw or cooked according to your needs.

2. When is it better to eat chestnuts? The content of starch in chestnuts is relatively high, so the transition is relatively high. If you eat chestnuts after meals, it will cause too many replacements, which is easy to be redundant, so it is more convenient to eat chestnuts between meals., Eat chestnuts as a snack, but not too much.

3. How many chestnuts are suitable to eat every day As mentioned earlier, raw chestnuts are not easy to digest, cooked foods may stagnate, and chestnuts have high starch content and high volume, so you should pay attention to eating chestnuts.Eat 10 pieces, and eat up to 10 chestnuts.