In the summer, will the baby take a shower for a few days?


In the summer, will the baby take a shower for a few days?

The sweaty season in summer has arrived again, giving the baby a shower and even a lot of headaches for mom and dad.

銆€銆€There is an old concept that don’t often bathe a baby, which is not right.

The baby’s skin will also be exposed to dust and bacteria from the outside. In addition, every 1 cm2 of skin on the baby will have 100-250 sweat glands that perspire, and the dirt in the sweat glands will need to be removed in time.

銆€銆€If the body scale is not removed in time, it will affect the metabolism of the cells, which is not conducive to blood circulation in the baby.

銆€銆€However, there is a lot to pay attention to bathing your baby!

There are different requirements for bathing babies of different ages.


Bathing your baby during breastfeeding is accompanied by a shower for your baby. It is better to say that bathing your baby is more appropriate.

This is not a bite, because the focus of “bathing” is on the word “wash” and should be scrubbed.

The key to “bathing” is “bath”, which is to be soaked in water.

Therefore, when bathing a lactating baby, do not wipe it hard. Be sure to wipe it gently.

The horniness of the baby’s skin is still very soft!

銆€銆€Essential bath products: large bath towel, small towel (100% cotton soft towel, 1 dry and wet), 1 cotton tube for medical use, 1 shower gel for baby shower gel, no need for adult), baby talcum powder, 1 bottle of baby lotion (do not use adult moisturizing cosmetics).

銆€銆€Bathing points: The baby should wash the buttocks before entering the tub.

Around the small buttocks, the folds between the legs, the bowel movements of the bowel movements, you should use a warm and humid cotton ball to rub some moisturizers.

Don’t rub, change the cotton ball one place at a time.

The use of body lotion helps to remove the oily excretions and metabolic secretions that are difficult to remove. The high-quality body lotion also has the effect of resisting bacteria.

銆€銆€After washing your baby’s buttocks, wrap the baby in a diaper, undress the baby, and wrap a large bath towel into the tub.

Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, these places should be lightly wiped with a warm and humid cotton ball, each time you wash a place, change the cotton ball once or twice.

It should be noted that when washing the ears, first use a dry cotton ball to gently insert into the baby’s ear hole to waterproof into the middle ear, causing otitis media.

銆€銆€Wash your face and wash your hair.

Wash your baby’s head carefully and hold the baby’s head carefully. Pay attention to gently touching the baby’s head. Be careful not to touch the child’s roof cover, not to lick the scalp.

銆€銆€Next, you can untie your baby’s diaper, take off the bath towel wrapped around your baby, and start washing your baby.

It should be noted that the baby’s tibia fossa, elbow bend, finger sew, belly button, leg bend, toe seam, etc., should also be wiped with a cotton ball.

The baby’s chest, back, buttocks, etc., the mother can gently stroke the palm directly.

After washing, dry the baby with a dry towel, taking care not to use a wet towel.


Bathing the baby after weaning to 2 years old The baby bathing procedure for this age group is basically the same as that for the breastfeeding baby.

Only at this time most babies can wear diapers, so you can omit the diaper change during bathing, but still wash outside the tub.

At the same time, the intensity of the brushing of the baby can be slightly increased.

Because this age is the beginning of a good hygienic habit to keep your child happy to bathe, so you can “dress” the bathroom like a “playing water room.”

If your baby wants to play buckets and play with rubber ducks, just pay attention to safety and let him go and play.

Let your baby slowly like to take a bath every day.


Bathing the baby 2-6 years old will let the children of this age gradually develop the habit of bathing in the summer, partly because the skin needs to be cleaned. The serious meaning is to let the children develop love, clean, regular, and regular habits.

During the summer season, if you have the conditions, after getting up in the morning, after a nap during the day, before going to sleep at night, you can bathe the child 3 times a day for about 10 minutes each time.

This regular and clean living habit has an important role in the healthy growth of children and the cultivation of patience in the future and the development of willpower.

銆€銆€It is worth reminding that the summer children bathe, the water temperature is roughly equal to the child’s normal body temperature.In foreign countries, there are children who insist on washing cold water baths from an early age, but depending on the specific conditions of different children, it is best not to wash cold water baths for children who are too small.

If you have the conditions, you can go to the doctor and start trying when the child is in the right condition.