Kobe wants to die。
Xu Xuan, the hanging man is too hateful!
Bring out the old gangster every time I can’t tell him,You don’t know that23Number is24The enemy of life??
“I know.”
Know you still say?
“on purpose.”
Maggie,He found that he couldn’t beat Xu Xuan anymore,But it doesn’t matter,Kobe is not a person willing to give up.
On the field.Spittle!
At last30Seconds,Kobe Shi Shiran’s backward jumper,The lore did not hit。
See that familiar posture,Familiar movements,Now even Pacers fans are a bit pity。
A little bit weaker!
Just a little bit!
Kobe didn’t score this goal,It also means that the Lakers have completely lost the hope of a comeback in this game.。
70ratio73,Pacers last3Points win。
really.Almost as predicted,The last two teams scored in70Points around,Not much,Not less.
“I’m coming,Xu Xuan took the initiative to go to Kobe!”