Hearted World Assistance,Three-step threshold level。

And to《Heart formation》Third level,Three forces in one,Absolutely has the strength comparable to the normal three-footed road monarch。
The gap between this golden beast and him,Neither is absolutely crushed,But absolutely above me。
in this way,Just have enough pressure!
“Huh”The golden beast body turned into a stream of light,The speed is absolutely above five times the limit。
Stick out,Three claws are like three hooks,The tip is extremely sharp,
“Draw!”Void Slash,The hook takes Li Ming’s head straight。
“clang!”It’s still a three-force http://www.xzznjz.cn combination of heart formations turned into marksmanship,From the point of view of marksmanship, it is mediocre,Only the power to provoke is terrible。
One shot,Li Ming is downwind,But still able to support。
Miss a hit,The blue scaly tail of the alien beasts frantically at a speed far beyond the body law。
The spear stopped in front of the body,The same marksmanship stands in front of Li Ming。
Although marksmanship is not weak,But due to the lack of change,But had to resist the whip。
On strength,The tail whip of the golden beast is stronger than its claws,The whole body flew upside down under continuous bombardment。
If it weren’t for his body protector,,The power of this whip repels him and the remaining power is enough to shatter the divine body。
Even so,Li Ming also felt his palm numb。
“wrong,My marksmanship is wrong!”
Facing http://www.aqmprs.cn the attack of the golden monster,Li Ming faintly grasped what,And http://www.gzballs.cn seem to be unsure of anything。
“Clang clang~”Another set of continuous attacks,Li Ming waved his spear to resist。
now,He has forgotten the black armored swordsman beside him,I also forgot the stunned world god of the waning moon not far away!