He roared,Turn around。
Qin Ning didn’t take care of him at this moment.。
Lu Haokai has just turned,Qin Ning’s mobile phone rang。
Lu Haoke after the door,No left,Side ear listening。
“Hey!Ah,How is your hand??”
“Oh!Ah,Unable to mind,Be sure to check,Can’t give a little flash,Xiao Kai already knows what is what we did.,Just ran in question, ask me.?
I really tell him,We do this,It’s all for him.,He is our son,Do we harm http://www.wtxwifi.cn him??”
Qin Ning is full of grievances。
Lu Haokai has changed,He is our son,What does it mean?
Lu Haoke shocked a cold sweat,Mom has other men outside.?
“Yes,I also told him.,Let him manage the company with heart,I will deal with other things.,But he has been worried about Lu Wei,Look,Your child’s father,He wants to say as soon as possible and their brothers and sisters.,Continue like this,Xiaokai can’t concentrate your company’s things。”
“what”Lu Haokai shouted,Unbelievable run。
Qin Ningzhen, who is being concentrated on the phone, did not find Lu Haokai’s departure。
Lu Haokai ran downstairs,White bathrobes。
He opened the door and sat in the car.,I recalled my mother just now.,He and your sister are not a father of Dad.。
Who is their biological father??
How many things I can’t afford to Dad??
And he and my sister,Epastation from Lu Haoheng and Lu Si,They,Also, I have been reluctant to treat them two people.。
Mom is this for him,Mom is Lu Yun Group.!If it is really for him,Will not do those things that are hurt。
Lu Haokai is painful in the seat,He is nothing about this moment.。
In the past years,He is very good,Dad’s son,He is also very proud,But it has been more than Lu Haozheng,Only one thing,Let him feel uncomfortable。
When he first entered the strange home of Lujia,See the extraordinary temperament,When the appearance is amazing father,He is thinking,Don’t lose your father in this life.。
How is someone else in the world??
he does not know,He only knows that he lives with your mother at that time.,They saved,Live in old house,Winter is cold http://www.jszsaz.cn in the winter,Summer is hot enough,He didn’t think about that day.,So just enjoy this in the land of the land.。
But this moment he discovered,It turns out that he has nothing.。
No wonder others say that he and Dad are not like,Lu Hao Cheng,Not only inherited Dad’s gene and appearance,It is also a wind cloud in the mall.,And he can’t do anything.,It turns out that he is not a father of Dad.。
“Ha ha”Lu Haokai smiled a few times,Feeling that you are sad and a joke。
No wonder mother will start with Dad,Is Dad know what??
Lu Haokai closed his eyes,Think of your own life,How to get along with the future?
Night bustling city,High-rise building,A piece of light。
Walking on the bustling street,Various high-end hotel clubs everywhere,Night General and other entertainment venues。
Ou Jing, a good location with http://www.hztpysyx.cn Xiao Jun,Opposite is Taizhang Hotel。
A big one is sitting on the edge of the window。
Ou Jing, looked at Xiaojun and manipulated computer,have to say,He is really a talent,He is not as good as。
European is toned to him.。
“Xiao Jun,look,This is the video of the vehicle I found nearby.,You look,Will there be something。”
Ou Jing, refers to the video,Let Xiaojun look。