College depression stems from family doting

College depression stems from family doting

At present, the mental health problems of college students in Beijing are very serious, and the prevalence of depression has reached 23.

66%, it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 college students with depression in Beijing.

Take 2004 as an example. A total of 19 students in colleges and universities in Beijing committed suicide, killing 1.9 millionth of a million.

When analyzing the reasons, Zheng Yi, an expert from the Beijing Children and Adolescent Mental Health Center, believed that the depression of these college students originated from their parents’ doting during their growth, which led them to become incapable of facing setbacks in the future and severely produce mental illness.

  ”Look at the parents who are sweating in line for their children, and then look at the parents who have tents on the campus of Tsinghua University to accompany their children to study . Who in the end took the child’s courage to face difficulties and deprived the child’s ability to withstand setbacks?

“Zheng Yi said that the current children’s psychological defense ability is weak, mainly because parents have invested too much energy in their children’s intellectual investment, and their mental health problems are insufficient.

  Reflected in daily life, there are too many things for parents to do for their children. The purpose is often to be afraid of children’s tiredness, or to give children more time to do more exercises and take more tutoring classes.

Zheng Yi said that this education model can only cultivate “exam machines” and “learning tools”, and is by no means a fully developed child.

This actually deprives children of the torture, difficulties and the right to learn to love and help others, and at the same time, they lose the opportunity to succeed through their own efforts.

  He pointed out that adolescents have serious mental health problems and that the high incidence of depression is an inevitable result of abnormal education patterns.

Parents often overlook sensitive education, thinking that children are small and understand social norms is an adult thing.

This leads to children not understanding the rules, being self-centered and having a poor mental capacity.

When you grow up, if you encounter difficulties, extreme reactions are likely to occur, or you will shrink back, or even have aggressive behavior.

  ”Some parents even noticed that their children’s mental problems have gone to the general hospital for help from a psychiatrist and tabooed to a psychiatric hospital, often delaying their illness and even causing more serious consequences.

Zheng Yi said that it is not difficult to detect whether the mental health is as good as a general physical index for different age groups.

Parents only need to do a few questions and compare the situation of the child.

It is hoped that parents can spread more scientific knowledge of children’s mental health, conduct early intervention according to the characteristics of the child’s psychological development, find out the critical period of education, and properly guide the child.