Ingenious self-help technique in the workplace

Ingenious “self-help” technique in the workplace

Whether you are a field-tested veteran or a new recruit, when you enter a new working environment, handling the chaotic interpersonal relationships between colleagues is a new challenge.
  Not only do you have to love others, but you also have to adhere to your own principles, but often after you put in effort, you will still face the exclusion of colleagues. How can you prevent yourself from laboring for these “little things”?
  Not tough, be kind and kind. No matter how experienced an elderly person or a talented and enthusiastic young man, the words and deeds in the office must not be aggressive, and being kind is the first essential.
  Don’t let colleagues in the office think you are a “war monger”.
Try not to talk about the “pain points” of your colleagues, so as not to put yourself in a situation of being surrounded by enemies.
  Don’t be weak, improve your work ability. Although you can’t be tough, don’t be too weak to take the initiative to give up your rights and learn to use the art of the word “no”.
As long as you use the right method, colleagues will feel that you are a principled person and will respect you more.
  If you really don’t know how to pass the rest time, then you should pay more attention to your work and strengthen your ability.
When you make significant progress, colleagues around you will look at you differently.
  Let colleagues know more about your kindness. How can a person who speaks kindly and considerately be excluded?
If your first impression of a colleague conveys a message of unkindness, you need to correct it in time, take the initiative to say hello to the colleague enthusiastically at work, take the initiative to invite colleagues to dinner, go shopping, and give a cup of hot water when the colleague is unwell .Be careful, you will definitely become an “angel” in the office.
  Patience is due virtue. Many people work hard with their colleagues on small matters, and even the family members of each other have to “greet” them.
In fact, it ‘s just a matter of not using the books of others and not returning to the original place. After pouring water, you do n’t take the initiative to draw water, and quarrels will only make your accomplishment score plummet.
Learn to be patient, give others more tolerance, and you will get more tolerance.