[Easy way to make fritters at home]_how to do_how to do

[Easy way to make fritters at home]_how to do_how to do

Fritters are a well-known kind of cuisine. No one knows about them, they are cheap, they are crispy inside, tender in color, golden in color, and very delicious.

There are a lot of low-quality oils on the fried dough sticks on the street. After eating, they cause great harm to the body. The fried dough sticks you make are clean, healthy, delicious and healthy.

The following describes the practice of family churros. In your spare time, you can also make food for your family at home.


Ingredients for fritters: 250g of ordinary flour (half a catty), 150g of water (for dough) + 15g (for soda), 2g of salt, 3g of instant dry yeast powder, 1g of baking soda, cooking oil10gram.

Several fried cooking oils.

In addition, if it is not for children, you can add 1?
2 grams of aluminum-free baking powder and flour are mixed evenly.

Put the flour (with baking powder plus baking powder) together with the yeast, put it on the chopping board, dig a small hole in the middle, add the water one by one, knead the flour and water in the middle once, then add water, Until it can be kneaded into a smooth dough, covered with a lid or a pot and other containers for fermentation3.

After two times of fermentation, put some oil on the palms and soak out the air in the dough4.

Add 10 grams of cooking oil and dough together and knead 5.

Continue to cover the pot or pot and wait for 20 minutes 6.

Mix the baking soda and 15 grams of water into the soda water. Hold your fist in your right hand, dip the back of the soda into the dough little by little, and mix evenly.

Knead the dough and cover the container to ferment to a double large 8.

Take out the air with the palm of your hand to squeeze out the air, and the dough is ready. 9.

Align with a rolling pin and dip it in oil to complete the dough into a panel about half a centimeter thick and one finger long (the length of the middle finger, because the pot at home is too long to fit).

Add half a pan of oil to the pan and heat over medium heat.

With the oil on your hands, cut the dough into two fingers 11 in width.

Put a piece of oil on the chopsticks on the top, press down from the middle, and put in the fritter embryo 13.

When the oil is 70% hot, the fritters are elongated and slowly put into a pan for frying.

After five or sixteen seconds after it floats up, use the chopsticks to gently turn the churros from one side to the other side to continue frying. When the churros are basically shaped, they should be turned frequently to prevent it from being fried on the one side and not yet cooked.

Wait until the fritters become golden yellow and swell a lot.

Be careful with your mouth