[Can milk powder that is about to expire]_ harm _ bad

[Can milk powder that is about to expire]_ harm _ bad

Everyone should pay attention to the date when purchasing milk powder, especially when the merchants are doing activities, they should also pay attention to whether the shelf life has expired, so can the milk powder that is about to expire?

In principle, food that is not expired can be eaten, so milk powder can be safely consumed as long as it is at the quality level.

However, it should be noted that when purchasing milk powder that has expired soon, it depends on whether it is sealed. Do not drink it after it has been opened.

Can I drink milk powder that has expired soon? Theoretically I can drink it. 1. Unopened milk powder: Unopened milk powder that is near the shelf life. In theory, you can drink it.

The expired milk powder is not just what it will be after the designated time, but it means that after the expiration date, the milk powder may deteriorate.

However, milk powder deterioration is a process of quantitative change causing qualitative change. It does not mean that deterioration occurs. The milk powder is good in the last second and it deteriorates in the next second.

Generally speaking, the shelf life is approaching, that is, the shelf life has not yet reached, at this time the milk powder is still drinkable.

2. Unopened milk powder: The unopened milk powder that is about to reach the expiration date. If it is opened within one month, theoretically you can drink it.

Try not to drink more than a month.

3. Note: The key to whether or not milk powder can be drank is not the date and time corresponding to the shelf life, otherwise the milk powder will deteriorate.

You can drink it without deterioration, and never give it to your baby.

Can I drink milk powder that is about to expire?
How to determine if the baby milk powder is bad? Can you drink it? 2 You can drink milk powder when it is about to expire. Shelf life of milk powder1.There are also a few milk powders that have a shelf life of 3 years.

2. Packaging: The shelf life of tin cans is longer than that of boxes and bags.

3. Note: The shelf life is a guarantee made by the manufacturer to the consumer, which guarantees that the product quality is the best within the specified time, but it does not mean that the time limit will be exceeded, and the product will definitely undergo quality changes.

Foods that exceed the shelf life can still be eaten if their color, aroma and taste have not changed.

The shelf life is a rigid requirement, which refers to the final date when the food is edible under the labeling conditions.

Beyond this period, the quality will change, it is no longer suitable for consumption, and it cannot be replaced for sale.