[How does dried laver shape?

Healthy Nori]_How to do _ Daquan

[How does dried laver shape?

Healthy Nori]_How to do _ Daquan

The seaweed we eat is usually crunchy. Nowadays, seaweed can also be made in different flavors, which is very popular. In fact, the raw material used in seaweed is seaweed.You can prepare seaweed by preparing the materials at home, and the nutritional value is very high, the taste is very good, and the cost is very affordable.

Laver is rich in vitamins such as B vitamins, carotene, and minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. Among them, selenium and iodine are particularly abundant.

Laver also contains choline and mannitol, the former has the effect of enhancing memory and is also an effective diuretic.

In addition, laver also contains glutamic acid, alanine, glycine and other umami substances, making it a soup soup on the table.

Seaweed produced from laver has the same high nutritional value. It concentrates the minerals and various B vitamins in laver, especially riboflavin and nicotinic acid. It is rich in carotene and vitamin E.And a small amount of vitamin C.

However, the disadvantage is that seaweed contains too much salt through seasoning.

Overall, laver and seaweed are low-content, low-content, high-fiber healthy foods.

It needs to be reminded that although laver is rich in nutrients, laver grows on the seashore, so in order to remove pollution, toxins, etc., it should be soaked in clean water before eating, and changed once or twice.

Seaweed is added with seasonings such as salt and monosodium glutamate during the processing. Drink plenty of water after eating, and less for patients with hypertension.

Ingredients: No seaweed seasoning: sesame oil, sesame, salt, paprika (optional) Practice: 1.

Tear the laver into thin threads.

This is a meticulous work, a little troublesome, it is recommended to tear Korean seaweed while watching Korean dramas, anyway, watching those serials without using your brain, just trying to do some work.


Heat the wok and pour in a small amount of sesame oil.

Turn off Xiao Huo, pour in sesame seeds and shredded laver, slowly stir fry with chopsticks, see the picture ②.

After a while, the seaweed became crunchy and crunchy.


Sprinkle with salt and chili powder and stir well (you can keep it if you don’t like spicy food), you can turn off the fire and finally see the picture ③.

Put the prepared seaweed in a sealed box to prevent it from getting softened by moisture.

The nutritional value of laver: Laver is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins b12, b1, b2, a, c, e and so on.

It contains about the same protein as soybeans, six times that of rice; vitamin a is about 67 times that of milk, riboflavin is nine times more than that of shiitake mushrooms, and vitamin c is 70 times that of cabbage.

It also contains choline, carotene, thiamine, niacin, vitamin c, iodine and so on.

It has a variety of effects such as clearing heat and diuretic, nourishing the kidney and nourishing the heart, reducing blood pressure, and promoting human metabolism.