[Can I drink tea during lactation]_Recommended diet

[Can I drink tea during lactation]_Recommended diet

Women must pay attention to good conditioning during lactation, and pay attention to diet and health. During lactation, mothers can drink some tea properly, but must not drink too much, and do not drink strong tea, which may cause damage to breast secretion.Effect, and even cause insufficient milk secretion, let’s take a look at this content.

During lactation, drink less tea, and do not drink strong tea, because it may cause some caffeine in tea to be absorbed by the baby’s body through breast milk. This will affect the baby’s health and cause the baby to not sleep.Crying and so on.

Tea contains a lot of supplemental acid, which will affect the absorption of iron elements by lactating mothers, especially for new mothers who will have anemia symptoms during lactation. If you drink a lot of tea at this time, it will easily cause iron deficiencyAnemia can also easily cause symptoms such as fractures of intestinal infarction.

Tea also affects breast milk supplementation, affects mother’s breast blood circulation, inhibits milk secretion, easily leads to insufficient milk secretion, and also causes certain adverse effects on the baby’s health, such as causingThe baby appears excited, causing an unhealthy gastrointestinal effect, and so on.

The above briefly understands that you can drink tea during lactation?

During lactation, you must drink less tea. Drinking some green tea properly has a good conditioning effect, but you cannot drink strong tea.

Because tea can easily cause symptoms of anemia in women, it will affect the secretion of milk, and it is also not good for the baby’s health. It can easily cause the baby to have intestinal obstruction and even cry for no reason.