“rest assured,Just live broadcast。”

“Live broadcast?”
Finally, Amado’s glasses were taken off,put it on the table,Mirror against the wall。
“this person.It’s Guoxin Jushi!”Shikamaru looked at the man who appeared on the screen and said。
“And Cixian.And big gray wolf.”Sasuke said。
“Guoxin Jushi is the only person in the shell organization who helps me,Actually,Thanks to you for giving Cixian a heavy blow,That gave me a chance to escape,And let Guoxin layman have a chance to try to kill Cixian。”
Shell organization base。
The flame burned on an old man,Judge Guoxin came behind Big Big Wolf and said:“Where is Ci Xian.”
“Right in front of your eyes。”The gray wolf stared at the monster in the nutrition tank in front of him and said。
Ci Xian sleeps in the nutrition jar。
“This new body,But the dark forces of the universeomgEvil Wood, one of the five shadow protectors under the leader of the Shadow Emperor。”Big Gray Wolf said excitedly。
“is it,It looks like I’m here just right。”The arm of Judge Guoxin easily passed through the chest of Gray Wolf。
“Yes。”Even if the chest is cut through a big hole,Big Gray Wolf also nodded indifferently,“You came just right.”