Even he heard that there is an industry in the Magical Li Hui http://www.owanbao.cn Rong.,As for true, he doesn’t know.。

However, after Li Hui’s words,He feels less than a good value.。
“Hey-hey,rest assured,I guarantee that I don’t have problems.,After all, my son is this professionals in this area.。”
Should be self-reliant, I want to talk about it.,As a result, when Li Hui’s pair of deep scorpions were some, I didn’t know what to say.。
“dad,I am a learning civil engineering.,Don’t blow,However, I am still a bit confidence in this area of the dormitory building.。”
Li Huihe heard this,I asked a few questions in a smile.。
Every question is to make it self-reliant, Li Fah is learning civil engineering.。
In the end, Li Hui has decided to invest one thousand and five million build employee dormitory buildings.,Everything is simple。
And the reason why can invest one thousand five million,Among http://www.wx-rdhb.cn them, some of the reasons should be related to self-improvement,Although the other party has not practiced,But the oral plan, and the construction of the dormitory makes Li Xiangfei feel very feasible.。
However, it is an increase in the budget of 10 million to invest in an increase of 1,500.。
Dormitory area is also extended。
To say that Li Anti-style chooses to believe such a college student who has just graduated?
Li Hui Feng actually believes in National Day and Yang Li。
Two people put the control,As long as the set that should be self-reliant, it is not too left, it is definitely no problem.。
After the explanation,Li Hui is directly looking for Shen Tianzi.。
Shen Tian Si learned that Li Hui Rong should build a staff dormitory,It is also a bit surprised.。
“Lee brother,I can’t apply for this.,Mainly, can you tell me that you are in advance of this employee dormitory??”
“Forehead,Shen Da Ge,I have put the ground.,Why is it??”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Shen Tian Si also feels some truth。
“Then I ask you,Who is this employee dormitory??
And still built three buildings。”
“Hey-hey,Naturally, from afar,But not anyone can stay.,And according to the dormitory planning of the employee building, there are respective arrangements.。”
“The first building is quadruple,But just simple accommodation,I still have to buy it.,Maybe I will get a worker’s cafeteria.。”
“The second building is a double room,Basically, give a couple,Husband and wife。”
“The third building is the employee contributed to the country.,Such as a teacher,doctor”I heard Li Hui Feng’s planning,How many things can be heard from Li Hui’s words from Li Hui。
“Lee brother,As far as I know now, most of the people in your hands in your hand are all of our villages.?
Accommodation should not need,And the teacher you said,doctor,How can these people go to your village??”
“Hey-hey,There will be,Now just deploy in advance,But the approval of the problem is still to trouble the big brother.。”
This moment,Shen Tian Si suddenly feels that he is overwhelming,These future buildings can’t participate.,Who is coming in the future?,It feels completely gold-plated place。
He suddenly was not like being overlooked.,Although it is a promotion,But he knows if it is promoted.,A big chance is that I will not be able to take the wind here.,That is to say, Li Hui-style school will,He should have no chance to give gold.。
“Lee brother,You really have to create lotus village towards the city center.,But our people are small,You feel that it is to build a hospital.,Can have a few cases?”
“Hey-hey,This Shen Da brother don’t have to worry,I hope that there is no patient in the future.,But as long as medical skills are supermarket,Deep in the mountains,Will still have someone to see a doctor。”
For Li Hui Feng,Shen Tian Si is also known,After all, Li Focus on the Internet, these videos, he also read it.。