“Then I will go back first.!Ming people come over and find you!”

Niu Niu ran directly,I paused a little at the door.
“Wheum,I will come to you tomorrow.!”
“Kid him!Suppose!”
Dog eggs take medicine from the kitchen。
Didn’t find a big husband to come and see hurt,But still trustee went to the town to open a few of the treatment of trauma.。
How much can you start?。
“what is this?How to get rid of the ground?”
Dog gum puts the medicine bowl on the windowsill,Pick up the things next to the threshold。
“Let me see!It is estimated that Niu Niu’s child accidentally left.!Ming, she came to me and gave her.!”
Dog eggs take things over,Be careful,Dare to have a variety of mistakes
Second day,Niu Niu really came again.
“Niu Niu came.?Yesterday is not falling.,You said you,So careful!What can I do in the future?!Go and find your uncle!”
Dog gouny saw Niu Niu,A sentence。
“it is good,I will go this.!”
With this sentence,Niu Niu is more firm, and the idea of the dog’s egg。
Or can he take this thing directly??Anyway, no one knows!
Said that no one believes that he will take a hundred years.。
Even no one believes that http://www.wei0511.cn there is such a precious thing at home.。
Dog is the dog egg,After all, in the big family,What good things may have
Even if you find him theory,As long as he bite,No one can take him no way!
But he did not
And his current body,Just need these to make up。
Don’t send things to do!
It’s hard to be honest.!
Zhou Ye,You don’t want such a good talent.!Don’t blame Niu Niu, I am welcome.!
“uncle,I am coming!”
Niu Niu traveled into the house,I found that only him alone。
Hezi didn’t know where to stay.,Estimated should help her mother。
“Let’s take something.!Slightly,I will give you!”
“I didn’t lose things.,That is to give the uncle!I am coming today.,I want to find someone to discuss some things.!”
Anyway, people participate in the top mountains.,Small hair can give yourself again。
The http://www.jgyynk.cn root that was taken yesterday is already the smallest.!It is also a little dug in the paws of the small hair ball.!
But it is still very good, it is still very good.!
After all, you can carry out your own good macro.,Just look at it today can convince dog eggs.!
“As long as we have a right method,It will definitely intercepted it in the middle of Zhou Ye.,And grow!Right?”
“He can’t be faced,Even today’s holy,I don’t dare to say that he is eleguing.!There are always places we can do!”
“Gentleman avenge,Ten years old!Come slowly!We can wait!”
“Before you have successful,Let’s sneak,Development in the back!Then one hit!”