Just like two ordinary people,Everyone is holding the sword。

Not beautiful。
Not even gorgeous。
However,Only two people know,How thrilled this moment。
This seems simple fight,In fact, dangerous,Your own move,strength,The use of qi has reached a horrible height。
They will lock all three on the other side.,Never put on strength to leak half a http://www.jgyynk.cn minute。
Compared to summer,Tianya is shocked。
Although there is a guess,Can determine until this time,The other party actually reached the situation.。
Those masters who can’t send themselves,No exception, all, all defeat, killing。
But how long does this state last?。
Usually,This is a trick。
But at this moment, two are fighting for more than ten minutes.。
The end of the world,White robes hunting drums,Step forward,Since the original disappearance,Leave http://www.ruitongdai.cn only if there is a hidden。
The speed is too fast。
Very casual sword,Bring a bright rainbow,Strong to the summer。
Air tearing out a harsh slip,Leave a flashing spider pattern,The 璀璨 气 激 激 激。
This moment of the world,Like Jianxian,The whole person is a powerful breathing that is difficult to speculate.,The ground has cracked a crack with his casual sword.。
Summer does not retreat,Similarly, a knife。
Sword,Like clear sky, the thunder strikes,The 璀 的 knife and the stirring sword are like igniting the sky.,Nearby air is a twisted。
End of the world,Seemingly electricity,Overhead big combination with summer fierce。
Disabled,Spark,Knife,Sword,The momentum of the world is too powerful.,Every sword must leave a spider pattern in the air,Brought a shower。
This is the most http://www.soundrise.cn powerful opponent in the summer.。
Sword,It’s like Jin Ge Tiema,气,It seems that there is a thousand wars in the Pentium。
Summer tiger,Reclaimed,The snake knife is like slow,Every knife is more than 10,000,狠 对 对。
The most important world!
Every knife will block eight parties。
Summer, three knives,Air is like being torn,Although it is more than one meter in the ground,But the earth is constantly cracking,The dense green grass on the ground is like being blown up.,Sign in all directions。
Landing moment,The fourth knife,It’s like rolling,In the air, it seems to have a angry style.,嗤 嗤,A difficult depression is flooded。