12 minutes a day makes you easily slim

12 minutes a day makes you easily slim

In winter, boots and skirts are the favorite of many girls, but their bloated bodies make them have to give up.

Are we going to pass by our favorites for life?

Otherwise, as long as you move more from now on, you can have a slender figure. The first minute: Swap your legs to your body, step forward with your right foot, bend your knees, your right thigh parallel to the ground, and your right lower leg perpendicular to the ground.

Raise your arms to jump up and change your legs. When landing, your left foot will be forward and your right foot will be backward.

Repeat for 1 minute.

  2 minutes: Speed skating with feet close together, arms hanging from body parts.

Bend over, lean forward, and keep your back straight.

Take a step to the right, bend your right knee when landing, kick your left leg behind your right leg.

At the same time, swing the radius to the right.

Then, take a step to the left and swing to the left.

Swap left and right for 1 minute.

  3 minutes: Step forward, kick, kick your punches apart with your shoulders wide, punch your hands under your jaw, and lean your elbows on your sides.

Squat slightly, kick your right leg forward to your height, and punch your left arm forward.

Close your legs and fists, and change to the other side.

Repeat for 1 minute.
  4 minutes: Ski jump with your feet extended a few inches apart, with your arms hanging from your sides and your elbows bent at 90 degrees.

With both hands forward, make a ski pole shape.

Leaning forward slightly, imagine yourself standing on the top of a snow slope, ready to tilt.

Then both feet jumped upright, landed, knees bent, and then jumped to the other side.

Repeat for 1 minute.
  5 minutes: Lift your legs up and your feet apart, the same width as the cricket.

Lift forward with shoulder height, palm down.

Your body is straight and your gaze is straight forward.

Swap your legs and raise your knees to the same height as your hips.

Hold this position for a while, change your legs, and repeat the action for 1 minute.

  6th minute: Synchronized rope skipping has higher elbows, with the arms close to the body.

Shake the forearm to perform a skipping rope movement for feet exchange, and lift the leg slightly outward.

Take turns jumping with both feet like a figure jump rope, and hold on for 1 minute.

  7 minutes: Mountain climbing squats, hands and toes on the ground, starting movement.

Keep your head, shoulders, back, and chest in a line and swap your legs to your chest.

Once you have adapted to this movement, you can speed up the range of movements and the frequency of leg changes.

Keep your toes off the ground when changing legs.

Repeat for 1 minute.
  The 8th minute: The bayonet blocked the left leg and took a big step forward, flexed his knees, his right leg was behind, straightened, and his toes crossed.

The left arm moves forward to block the fencing.

Keep the stride position, move 3 steps forward like a fencer, and 3 steps backward.

Repeat the action for 30 seconds, then jump in place, change the right leg and right arm, and repeat the fencing action for 30 seconds.

  9 minutes: Steps run in front of the steps, reducing the sides of the curved body.With your right foot in front, do the steps of repeating the steps up and down-right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.

Both countries naturally sway when legs are moving.

Gradually increase the speed of movement for 30 seconds.

Then change the left foot first, and then hold for 30 seconds.

  The 10th minute: Take off with your feet extended and shoulder-width apart, with your arms inserted into the sides of your body.

Squat a little, get your heels on the ground, take off, and tilt up fully to drive your whole body.

When landing, bend your knees and squat to reduce the impact on your body when landing.

Continue to exercise for 1 minute.

  The 11th minute: kick the hips and jog in place, kick the calf back, the heels try to approach the hips, at the same time, press and hold up.

Kick after changing legs, while stepping on both hands to the same height as your shoulders.

Continue to move for 1 minute and gradually increase the speed.