How to help wrinkle help to maintain 5 laws

How to help wrinkle help to maintain 5 laws

Every beauty girl wants to keep her skin rosy and smooth, but with age, human skin will become loose and wrinkled, which will affect the beauty.

If you want to keep young, you need to take good care of your skin, and it is also the place that daily care will ignore. In order to keep your face and neck away from you, you should learn how to repair and maintain it.

  1 Do a good job of cleaning Because of long-term continuous exposure to sunlight and air, there is a greater chance of contamination, so you need to clean it every day.

For the face that thinks we must recognize as self, we must love our necks.

  Step 1: Basic cleaning, use natural warm cleansing milk to cleanse, remove surface dust, and deep clean.

This type of cleansing is just like the face, and a mild facial cleanser is required. It is recommended to use gel or lotion products.

Regarding the technique, it is mainly gentle, and it must be cleaned from the bottom up.

After the final cleaning, do not completely dry with a towel, and finally apply a moisturizing toner.

  Step 2: Exfoliating, facial products can be used, but only if the skin has a rougher surface, it is easy to use less greasy products. It is advisable to apply fine-grained exfoliating products and knead in a spiral mannerMassage, it is best to clean the part near the ear thoroughly, then wash with water or wipe with a wet face towel.

  2 The most needed moisture is due to excessive sebaceous gland replenishment, so the phenomenon of dry skin is extremely prone.

At this time, you can try using natural olive oil or avocado oil directly on the neck to maintain the dry skin.

But before applying this, you need to rub these skincare products on the palm of your hand until they are warm, and then apply them gently from the bottom up.

  3 Master the blood pressure massage method to supplement the skin is also very sensitive, the blood circulation is also poor, the correct massage method can promote skin blood circulation, make the skin firm and elastic, and can shape a beautiful outline.

  Step 1: Massage necessary.

Massage your neck every night is also a good way to avoid sagging skin.

First raise your chin slightly, then use your index finger, middle finger and ring finger from the position near the collarbone, and massage gently from bottom to top with your chin, and then use the same gesture to press the sides of the neck to the position of the ear.

In addition to the front neck massage, the back neck massage can not be ignored, and it is gently slanted down around the back of the ear. This massage from the back to the head can cause blood circulation, eliminate facial swelling and soreness, and avoid wrinkles.

  Step 2: Nursing exercises.

Specific operation method: fully bend the neck forward and backward, to reach the hips forward, when you should avoid the head and the ground parallel.

Then turn to the left and right sides alternately, so that its side muscles are fully reduced. Finally, turn the neck and neck in all directions, draw a large circle with the head to drive the neck and neck, turn right and then turn left.

  4 Unless you also need skin care products If you want to make the neck protection work more effective and effective, you must carry out deep maintenance, and also use skin care products to care for the neck.

  Step 1: Use a neck cream or firming product daily.

Neck cream is used for nursing and rehabilitation. The treatment procedure is the same as that for the face. First, use a cleansing milk to clean, then apply a toner containing no alcohol, and then apply the neck cream.

Appropriate massage during the neck cream.

  Step 2: Use the cervix regularly.

It is also necessary to have a cervical mask about once a week.

Neck masks specially designed for calibration are rare. If not available, they can be replaced by a mask or a cloth, and also replace the mask on the upper part of the market now and replace the conjoined mask.

In addition, your self may make the mask: egg white with starch, honey into a paste, evenly spread in it, wash off after 30 minutes, it is useful to tighten the skin.

  5 Make the moment comfortable and the bad posture when sleeping and working, it is also the direct cause of skin wrinkles.

Health experts recommend choosing appropriate bedding. The most comfortable height of the pillow should be about 8 cm and placed in the depression of the neck. At the same time, be careful not to sleep on the side of the carcass for a long time. This can prevent double chins and wrinkles due to high pillows., As well as dullness and stains due to poor blood circulation caused by poor sleeping posture.

When working, you should pay attention to keeping the head and computer parallel, and rotate the head counterclockwise every hour to relax the skin and nerves and prevent accumulation of wrinkles.

  Of course, through the rapid development of medical aesthetics, many people also choose to remove wrinkles through medical aesthetic techniques to achieve skin firmness and youthfulness.

The clinically used retinal dewrinkling methods include surgery, autologous microinjection and transplantation, injection filling and various physical therapies.