Who can control Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun?”

Yanzi said with a wry smile。
Yang Shiyun has nothing to say,indeed,Shen Ruoxue doesn’t know much about her yet,But Liu Xiaoyun knows her best,If you can count as“Desperate Sanniang”if,Then Liu Xiaoyun is well deserved“Desperately three girls”!
That little girl is fighting,It’s really desperate……Not a little girly。
“Ugh,Forget it,Don’t talk about this yet,When it’s really the day of the final battle,Think of a solution。”
Swallow shook his head,Helplessly say。
She used to be a lone killer,No worries,Naturally, life and death can be ignored。But now it’s different,She has a home,Have relatives,I naturally have concerns in my heart……She treats everyone in the Shen family,Treat them like their own sisters,So when she knew that the battle with the dealer was very dangerous,She can’t help worrying about her sisters。
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Chapter one hundred and ninety four Why are you really biting
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“There will always be a way……”Yang Shiyun comforted the swallow,In fact, she has the same six gods in her heart……She can’t be afraid of death,Swallows can not be afraid of death,But they can’t let their sisters die!Those girls are still young,For them,Life has just begun,Even
So it hasn’t started yet……
If Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun knew,At this moment,Their two sisters are worrying about them,Sorrowful words,I don’t know how I feel……
“I want to sneak in and have a look。”