And to defend the home court,Supersonic from top to bottom,Everything from the management to the fans is well prepared。The playoff atmosphere they created for the Lakers did make some of the Lakers’ newcomers fluctuate.。

Supersonic has already walked on the edge of the cliff,Taking a step back is to waste the hard work of the whole season。Slipped from last year’s Western Conference championship to the second round。And this is something that the team management and the players cannot accept,They always think the Lakers are young,Does not have the resilience of other historical teams,As long as you find the right opportunity, you can beat the Lakers。But the situation has reached such a crisis edge,The Sonics must win the game!To have a chance to fight the Lakers later。
“Defend home!”Payton took the lead and put his hand in the middle of the crowd,And his teammate, even Camp, put his hands up,As long as we can keep the two home games,Bring the score back2:2,Then taking the opportunity to win the Lakers will be a matter of course.。
“guys,I won’t say any more。Everyone according to their own duties,Be defensive,Don’t play hero ball。I need you to be aggressive!”George Carr points on the tactical board。
The game starts soon。
Hawkins became the first starting point for the Sonics,Payton didn’t try to go heads-up against Kobe,Just wandered inside。
The supersonic offense is very layered,Although Hawkins is not better than Payton in organization,But he is selfless!Plus Eddie Jones has a serious lack of experience in defending short guards,Hawkins brought up the supersonic offense,At home, they started off with an offensive wave,8:0The start of the Lakers directly chose to suspend。
The Lakers are still in a tentative offense.,The supersonic speed directly started the indiscriminate bombing。Gary Payton gradually began to find a way to deal with Bryant’s defense,He received the ball with his back near the penalty area,While taking advantage of their own organization,Eat a few Kobe with strength and weight advantage,Although the efficiency is average,But after all, it opened up a gap in Kobe’s complete blockade defense.。
Lakers fall behind in first quarter,25:29Supersonic。
Substitute competition between the two sides,Supersonic has the upper hand again。
Sam Perkins, who played well in the last game, and Nate McMillan, the strongest defensive player on the bench, attacked and defended.,First crush the poor morale fish,Immediately there is interference with Horry and Curry’s projection。
The Lakers in the course battle feel very ordinary,And the supersonic players interpret what is called a last stand。
Lakers at halftime53:61Supersonic。