Middle-aged people quickly pick up the storage ring,Amens,And rapid calculation,After a dozen,He put the storage quit。

Then after the hands,Unloculture,Holding the fire in the hands,Hand over summer。
“Bro,It’s really cool.,It is yours.。
You will pay it with my mind.,Refining after going back。”
Summer is http://www.dplus3c.cn prompting to sacrifice,At the same time, both hands took the fire。
His palm,This group of flame bear burn,But did not hurt the skin。
Middle-aged people are not hesitant to hurry。
Onlookers’ crowd,Some people look at each other,Outside。
Failee is not exposed。
Even if it is in the city,Cannot fight private,$ Billion,It’s enough to make people move。
Some many people are eyeing the summer。
Here,Summer is not concerned,Smile and welcome Zhou Wei’s eyes,Say,“Zhou Wei,This group of fire is given you.。”
Zhou Wei immediately stayed,Misappropriate。
Look down on。
“deliver,Give me?”
Summer laughs。
“Neither,no,I can’t。”
Zhou Wei is blushing,In succession,“Be too expensive.……”Summer positive color,“You only see the fire of fire,But have you ever thought about it?,How http://www.sd-fy.cn important you have to borrow my black jade secret treasure。”
Zhou Wei stayed in the summer,“That,That is not the same,I just borrow you.,And the black jade is originally only an incomplete……”“to me,That is very important,No secret treasure,I have died, I don’t know how many times.。”
Summer is very serious,Sincerely,“Zhou Wei,This is a brother,With friends,Thanks for you.。”
“But……But……”Zhou Wei low,Looking at your feet,Yu Lei, who is angled, has been floating with the flame,“But so big,No one has sent me such a precious gift.……and,And the fire spirit is also useful to the master……”“Ha ha。”
Summer smile,“What is your little girl?,I can’t use this kind of thing.,The reason is to be given to you。
If you don’t want,Then I will throw it.。”
Don’t throw,Do I still don’t work?。”
Zhou Yu suddenly jumped,The hand is busy and holding hands and picks up the fire.,A pair of eyes turned into a curved crescent。
to be honest,She, even if she is proud,Or then,It is just a 167-year-old girl.。
She has a little twisted to see a summer,Quickly incorporate the fire in the storage ring。