So Zhou Yewu and the elderly exchanges are still smooth。

Slightly improved for a while,Zhou Ye went outside the door, no other patient,It is also to make Xu Tianfu more rest for a while.。
After the break is over, continue to see a doctor,Xu Tianfu took a few minutes later,The whole state has also become a lot.。
“Is it a good time after my headache??”Xu Tianfu asked。
He looked at antihypertensive drugs in front of you,Just like watching the gods。
Zhou Ye smiled:“of course not,Wait for me to adjust the drug,In the future, don’t eat your own medicine.,Go to eat my course。”
Xu Tianfu nodded,I am grateful in my eyes.!
He carefully collects nifedipine condensed tablets,I am afraid to lose this stuff.。
Zhou Ye suddenly saw that there was a little laughter:“The old man’s mind http://www.qmysl.cn is really simple.。”
“Say how long your head has been hurt.?”
Zhou Ye is faintly feeling some,I want to try my best to ask some details。
Xu Tianfu recovered antihypertensive drugs to black shabby schoolbags,Frown,Start thinking:“How long have I hurt??”
Zhou Ye“Um”A sentence:“You slowly think,Don’t worry。”
He is afraid that Xu Tianfu is anxious.,Then the blood pressure came up again.。
Xu Tianfu seriously thinks,Scratch the weakness:“There should be three years.,But it has been occasionally painful,And most of the time is not obvious,I rarely like it is so painful that people are so painful now.。”
“I will occasionally there will be,But this is absolutely most serious,In the early morning2Point start pain,This is now,Hurt10Hours。”Xu Tianfu expression is slightly difficult。
Although I ate http://www.dsilearning.cn nifedipine,Blood pressure slightly dropped,But he can still feel that there is a feeling of reaching the sea in the sea.,He has some disgusting and nausea.。
“I don’t feel comfortable.?Hurry and take a break。”Zhou Ye is a bit helpless。
This Xu Tianfu is now in the state of saying a few words will breathe.,The status is really bad。
This makes Zhou Jiwu’s consultation.。
at this time,Looking at the face of the old man,Zhou Ye suddenly thought of something。
He is also experiencing a year of internship after all.,And in the emergency period, I have a lot of time,So the clinical experience is still a little。
Maybe I can’t compare the old age for the emergency line for a long time.,But Zhou Ye has confirmed his own level,See a basic problem,Still。
With the acceleration of thoughts,His eyes gradually become deep,More and more possibilities are also laid in his mind like a paper.,Then there is a diagnosis。
Zhou Ye reveals some confused。
Now this old man in front of you,Decade of hypertension history,Then there is a sudden headache in the middle of the night.,Hard pain and is very powerful!
Plus blood pressure is so high,I have a drug effect.,What is the most worried about??
When I was in my heart, the idea was in my heart.,Behind it is also a cold。
Be right,What is the most worried about him now is a cerebral hemorrhage or a cerebral infarction.,Especially the subarachnoid hemorrhage!
Many patients with bleeding of subaracils are difficult to resist。
To know,The cerebral bleeding itself will cause high blood pressure,Especially so high blood pressure will also cause cerebral hemorrhage,Subjects are also a kind of cerebral hemorrhage。
so,Slightly don’t pay attention, it is true that Zhou Ye, my black hair, sent Xu Tianfu, this white hair.。
“Be sure to diagnose carefully。”Zhou Yewu warned himself in his heart。
Can’t always,Waiting for an accident,He can’t stand this responsibility.,And the band may also handle Chen Riyuan。
Zhou Ye repeatedly reminded himself。
Previous internship,He also has a similar experience,Patients who have previously high blood pressure headache then sudden death is also,The result of the last corpse anatomy of that patient is also confirmed by subarachnoid hemorrhage,It is a kind of cerebral hemorrhage。