“Go back,Hurry,With a small star。”Chen Monjacker waved waving:“Besides,If this is the resolution,You have to take a small star to see Xiaoqing’s parents.,remember!”

“I see。”Chen Bingling turned and got out of the house。
Linjiazhuang,Western side,Small bamboo forest,Lin Feng and night cold figure walk in the woods。
“Night cold,thank you!”Lin Feng looked at the night cold figure laughing:“My grandmother today,Parents are very happy。”
“You’re welcome,This is the transaction between us.。”The night is cold and the cold looks far away:“This is nothing difficult to me.,On the contrary, you pretend to be my boyfriend,Bring you a lot of dangers,I ask you again.,You are still coming now.!”
“Ha ha,Repent?I have never repented words in my heart.。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“I originally fake Snow boyfriend,Also encounter a lot of trouble,Same resolution。”
Night Qing Wen Wen Yi,And behind Lin Feng Road:“So just。”
“In short, your rest assured is。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I am also very honored.,Fake。”
“Humph!”Night clear cold:“Oily tongue,I can’t see it, which one is good.,What is the advantage of seeing you??”
“Be a shortcoming,I。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“All right,Kidding,Thank you anyway, thank you.。”
“Are you ready to take the evil dragon and conver??”Night cold and suddenly asked。
“What do you think?”Lin Feng asked:“If you don’t shoot,It is inevitable to be swallowed,Other parts of China will be slowly swallowed slowly,Whole month Lake Jewelry Sales Co., Ltd. will be completely swallowed,So you must shoot。”
“The two major organizations tell me when people come to China.。”Night Qingwang Lin Feng Road。
“No need,This is the grievance between my Qinglong Chamber of Commerce and the two majors.。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“Only blood casting on the priest of our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Kill chicken to see the monkey,10%Profit is handed over to these http://www.fcx315.cn people?Which is so delicious。”
Lin Feng naturally does not easily give up on his interests.。
All of this begins with the confrontation of both two majors.。
“The night is also voted.100100 million。”Night cold and cold。
“I know,I just want to know if this is the meaning of the night home or what you mean.?”Lin Feng looked at the beautiful night Qing Dynasty。
“I mean。”Night cold, hesitated。
“thanks。”Lin Feng nodded:“When you shoot, you should listen to me.。”
“Listen to you?A person with extremely poor experience,I will listen to you.?”Night Qing Dynasty looks disdainful looking at Lin Feng,This man in front of me,Kung fu,Gambling,The only drawback is that the experience of Jianghu is too bad.。
“Yes,Anyway, you have to follow the big team.,Otherwise you can act alone,Will be fragrant。”Lin Feng smiled and http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn said:“I estimate,People who come are very strong,And the lineup is very powerful。”
“Don’t use you to explain。”Night cold and cold。
“All right,This problem is temporarily not discussed.,Go to Lingnan City。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Um!”Night and cold nod。
When Lin Feng and night cold figure go outside Xiaozhu Forest。
Zhong Fengjia’s small courtyard,Lin proud,Lin Hailong,Two tigers,Xiao Yun,Wolf,Huang Mao and others are playing cards,Only Lin Big is sitting on a side,It’s a little bit。
at this time,A taxi docked at the door of Lin Feng。
Door opening,陈冰凌的身影从里面走了出来,怀里抱着一个三岁的小男孩,小男孩穿着红色格子褂,眼睛黑不溜的。