Leave both of them,This guy thought he was strong?No way,No way!

Dugu Bo’s dark green eyes lit up,Ponder“This guy is also from Wuhun Palace!I’m afraid I’m in trouble today”
Although I don’t know Xu Sheng’s strength,But Dugubo also knows that he is a titled Douluo!The current form is three to one,I can imagine how much pressure he faced!
Especially to protect the next one“waste”
Xu Sheng smiled,Take a step forward“Dugu Bo,You don’t want countless people from Tiandou Empire on the road together?I give you five seconds!”
Next second,The nine scarlet one-hundred-thousand-year spirit rings suddenly rose!
These weird red lights make Xu Sheng’s surroundings look like high-pressure places,The pressure of terror continues!
The porcupine and the snake spear instantly block in front of Xueqinghe,Continually burst out of its own soul power to avoid resisting this terrifying pressure……
Dugu Bo’s pupils widened,Not spared,The whole person flew out a few meters feebly and fell to the ground……
As for the weak Xuexing in the same place,With a strong look of fear on his face,Abruptly being crushed into blood mist under this pressure!
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six Self-determination(Subscribe)
After Xu Sheng recovered the pressure,Just looking at Dugu Bo with a smile like that……
The latter slowly got up from the ground,Reached out and wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth……
Xu Sheng,You can hurt yourself with coercion!How terrifying he is??