NS3212chapter Exuberant

have to say,Ling smoke, no matter http://www.zgrcedu.cn how experience,Still,Both of the captain。
Original six gods,There are even a few people who consciously want to escape.,Reaction immediately。
Those who have allocated the array of stones,Since all four sides。
Quickly take out a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of arm for a long,This is the stone stone needed。
Water rhythm and soil,Primary array。
It is also one of all the fartens that must learn.。
after all,The warrior always has to walk in the wild.,It is inevitable that emergency。
Cungee array and hidden array,It is common and necessary array。
Summer and left small fish,Do not bury。
Can only look at,Unable to help。
But just at this time,Ling smoke continues to shout,“The rest of the person is walking,Waiting for time,Drag the ant colony with a bow arrow,Otherwise we have http://www.yjhsuji.cn to die all。
Hour time,Push forward。
Summer and left small fish do not hesitate to follow。
On the way,The two have taken a big bow and an arrow pot while having a large bow.。
From the Passen School,Preparation,They are all prepared.。
The dean Su I even gave a heavy sword in the summer.。
The rest of the seven people are hesitant,Walk forward。
Below this situation,Escape is not possible,Only the same intention is united。
When they rushed out of 100 meters,The top of the hill in front,That is like a flood,Musal a red wavy。
Of course not real waves。
That is a red gloss only,Have a huge mouth,It looks like a big antite。
Follow,Like mountain flood outbreak,Under the pour,Two people pursued in front。
“Hurry up,Again one hundred yards,Three http://www.hexiangly.cn people,Listen to my order!
Ling smoke shouted。