Three Realms,Zhongshan Great World!

Just 800 years,Zhongshan World has not changed much。
Have to say,The battle eight hundred years ago,Make him more famous。
Li Ming’s subordinate,There are two more true immortals、More than 300 gods
But in the Three Realms,Li Ming has memories of more than a dozen true celestial clones connected to each other,The progress is http://www.donghai8.cn amazing。
Although the Three Realms seem to have no chance,But only《Universe in one heart》Into one’s own formation,Comprehend《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》Third level,Comprehend the destruction of heaven。
Even go to the same way to understand a symbol,Together。
to him,Enough to learn。
Short time,He hasn’t touched the bottleneck,Enough to keep on understanding。
but,Today his clone is not distracted to practice,But quietly http://www.cuofj.cn appeared in the small remote world of the entire Three Realms。
“Boom boom boom~”
One after another robbery thunder fell from the sky。
This robbery is pure blue,Perhaps for the most heaven-defying genius in the entire Three Realms,Pure Blue Thunder is only the first few lines of the opening。
But for ordinary refining Qixian,Encountering the pure blue thunder robbery in the Three Nine Thunder Tribulation is already very powerful。
quickly,The color of thunder is dyed with a hint of purple。