When the sky is dull, I have passed the sound of the niche.。

“court death,Damn,Damn,I want to kill you.!”There is also a snoring of Nirvanae.。
Other Nirvanae have also madly,Various lungs,Iron,Stath,Portuguese Jing three people are more faces,Their figure stands in the void outside of a few kilometers。
Ten Ni Niang,Iron,Stath,Portuguese Jing three strong people kill the sky,Strong force of eight forces,Each body has emerged in terrible http://www.asevia.cn rays,Thirteen stars,Directly kill eight forces。
Just eight forces next move,Let the thirteen stories like lightning strikes。
Because hundreds of biochemists will align the muzzle to Shengdionburg,Nine masters of breath,Horrible,Standing directly on the periphery of hundreds of biochemical people,Block the attack of thirteen strong。
Although the eight countries will occupy an advantage。
But with the wake up of Ten Daben,They occupy a disadvantage,Nine masters are worried that these people use Yuan God to attack these biochemical souls or Yuan God.,So block down in the periphery。
same,Let hundreds of biochemical people are aligned with the capital of the Shengdiong Empire.,Let them be afraid。
Sure enough, the ten wakeful Nirvanae saw this scene violent,Each like annexed a dead mouse.,Iron,Stath,Portuguese http://www.fzxcgcmy.cn Jing three people face iron green,Yinshi water looks opposite。
“Ten Nirvana leaves one,All people in this city are dead,Other people in the Nine Cities of White Bear Empire must also die!”Toron Face:“If you send a nuclear war,Your white bear empire is full of funeral!”
Portuguese Jingjing:“Say,For ambition of me,Have to die!”
“Oh,you try!”Temailton heard the light and cold channel:“All the biochemical bases of my eight-national forces are destroyed by you.,Eight Zun Niang is all killed,We have been ruined in the year of these years.!”
“good,Portuguese,Iron,Stath,All our base is destroyed,Who is this account?!”John Dragon。
NS890chapter Shuiyu
Iron,Stath,Portuguese Jing three people heard the face and yin,They naturally bombed the biochemical base of the flower.,But there is no other seven countries.。
“this matter,We need to investigate。”The emperor looks gloomy looks at Tilton,John Dragon,Emperor and others。
“investigation?This matter also uses the investigation?”The end of the emperor:“The fact is in front of the fact,One sentence,Compensation of our losses。”
“compensation!”Hitra faint road。
“good,Our losses must be compensated!”Jehe also faces ruthless way。
“Compensation of our losses。”Golden wheel is also,Golden wheel back to teeth at this moment,I can’t kill it.。
Iron,Stath,Portuguese Jing three people heard the brow,compensation?How to compensate?I am afraid they will pour the three majors.,It is possible to make up for the loss of the forces of the eight countries.。
“Allocate,I need to trial two people now.,In your face trial,Let’s take a look at the results of things.。”Tiehuang suddenly opened the mouth:“One minute!”
“Can,You start to trial now.。”Heilton Road。
“Sichuan Luo Sakurald,Trouble you put me the prime minister of me white bear empire,Minister of Defense。”Tiehuang looked at the Luo Sakura, Chuanjo。
“take it。”Sichuan Luo Yakai said directly after watching a group of red figures。
This group of red figure has respectful,It’s very fast that Pullan and Jiroded’s body were thrown out.,These two people have been hit hard,Be on the verge of death,The body of the two is throwing into the empty。
Tiehuang directly reached,Catch the body of the two people,光 阴 沉 terrible,Let Pun Tian and Jirod can’t hire a cold。
“Say!”Tiehuang is cold and cold。
“whats the matter?”Pleuchen busy way。
“What is going on on Mars??”Tiehuang face。
“Mars on Mars,this,I……”Pullen suddenly turned its attention to the Icefire god teaches the main portions。
“Explain me clearly!”Portuguese Jingjing Yinjing,Belt in the depths of icy murder。
“This thing is my and Girrod two planned.,We secretly carry hydrogen to Mars,Putting the Base of Flower Base250Kilometer area。”Pullen Pan hurriedly explained:“But the implementation of this plan is not our white bear empire!”
Tell this,Suddenly make many people exclaimed。